Back in my turtle shell

I am so tentative

With everything I do

And everything I say

I have a hairs worth of

Self confidence

I hide inside my turtle shell

In the shadows



My walls grow

And conceal me

Like a cave

I put on a mask in the morning

And don't relieve myself of it

Till the nights shadow

Has fallen upon me

I am the breeze in the night

No one understands it

No one knows it's details

Or why it's there

But even so

It's still there

I am like

The owl

Howling throughout the night

He's mysterious

Even though understood

He's feared,

But harmless

I tell only what needs to

Be told

And trust no one

I hide back in the comforts

Of my turtle shell

And mask my personality

I am here

With myself

All I need is myself

All I want is myself

All I have is myself

All I trust is myself