A/N: This is a poem in honour of my favourite season: AUTUMN.

Golden light suffuses the sky

And the wind speaks in a sigh.

The trees cast off their leaves;

They spin to the ground, surprising my eye

With so many brilliant, warm hues.


The heavens become grey,

And many birds know that the day

Has come for them to seek the sun

In warmer countries miles away.


I stretch my arms, and with the leaves,

I, too, tilt, turn, whirl and dance;

And if a leaf comes my way by chance,

I take it, and breathe in its scent,

And the air whispers: "Autumn!"


The trees, fastened to one place,

Are ridding themselves of a summer face

And extending bare branches to the sky

As they prepare for repose.


And I, having danced my dance of liberty

To my heart's content, retire to the window,

To watch the rain and the leaves,

Seeing how a heavy cloud heaves

Its load of water far above the mysterious trees…


Autumn beauty, so unique!

Autumn wind, so wild!

Autumn atmosphere, awakening

A sense of freedom and wonder in me!

Autumn, lovely autumn!