The Sea

Arianna Wings

            When they lay their eyes upon the waves breaking upon the rocks, they shake their heads and call the sea cruel and merciless. Once, I did not see what they did. I did not understand their thoughts, though I tried. For when I saw the sea rushing up against the shore, I only saw wild, defiant beauty. I saw why the wind cam, so often, there to play. I saw why storms sometimes let their anger out there; and sometimes jealously sought attention inland.

            It took my mother when I was young, but I forgave it because it became my mother. It took my father before I was born, but how could I grieve for someone I never knew? I loved the sea and felt loved by it. I needed no other love. Human love was finicky and could be snatched away like my mother's.

            The sea was my life. My home. My world.

            Until he came.