they've got me again
after I turned the music on
first swell carries me away
this river is flowing
with trumpets, strings, saxophone,
ivory keys weaving a magic web
that singular voice --
I climb inside its melodies
fly this rocket
beyond moon and mists of time

my eyes no longer see 21st century
suburban designer curtains or
my neighbor's convertible
but the same familiar jazz club
packed on a Saturday night
stars glowing outside
once again zooming through
my favorite wormhole
the voice -- at first someone else's
presently grows into mine
plunging me into the center of this universe...

they've got me again
the notes and harmonies and wonder
brilliantly clever and welcome captors
keep me in their grasp eluding all else
they'll still hold me when I go back


doesn't matter
what music you like
just listen and fly