Hey Hey Everyone! ^.^" This is one of my few new poems that I did for my Creative Writing course that I am taking. I've done a few so far but I'll only be putting up the ones that I deem worthy enough. My style I've noticed has changed. I'm doing more freelance now than I used to. I used to be all about ryming but now I've discovered that I may enjoy freelance more. ::shrug:: IDK, Its whatever I'm feeling at the moment I guess. Anywhooo...here's one of the few poems. Enjoy! Oh! OH! Don't forget to REVIEW once you've read it. Okay? Thanks a bunch! Later~

~Relena Peace

"Water's Dance"

Soft silky water flows gently, and smoothly as glass.
Randomly a jagged rock thrusts itself out for light.
The rocks remain silent being engulfted by the liquid powder.
Silent trickle lets the water take its flight.

A stream, a creek, or a brook.
The name matters not. Water still comes, and it's peaceful.
Move down with the fast-paced liquid.
At first it seems to stand still, then rushes at full.

It tickles the banks on either side, still forwarding its force.
Faster, faster it rushes. Till it's spinning almost without control.
Down it falls, caught in air for a few blissfull moments.
Then crash! All is silent. All is peaceful. The water sighs content.


Well there it was. I hoped you all enjoyed it. It was an Imagery Poem if you didn't already figure that out (although to my opinion not a very good Imagery Poem). I enjoyed writing it, although it only took me two minutes. ^^;; hehe...I dont know what grade I got on it yet, but I hope I'll find out soon enough. Later, OH! Please review now! Thank yoU! ^.~"

~Relena Peace