Smoke and Mirrors

Chapter 1 Meeting

Um…this is a story I thought of once. My beta reader helped me with the ending, because I'm notorious for not finishing my stories, so I'm dedicating this to her.

Claimer: This is mine! All mine! Well…except for the part my beta wrote…but most of it is mine. So don't steal it!

"Mother" Called a young woman, as she walked up the stairs to her room. "I'll be in my room if you need me."

"You're not writing in that journal again are you? I just don't understand why you insist on brooding so much." Her mother called in a confused voice.

            "Mom! I'm not brooding, just finishing a story."

            "How can a story be more interesting than a party? Remember that man, Darien, was his name, that asked you to dance, didn't you find him attractive?" The girl just rolled her eyes and slammed the door.  

"Don't you understand mother?" she muttered to herself

"He just wanted to humiliate me; he's a jerk, just like the rest." She was mocked for her journals, but they were like her children.  Everyone marked a stage in her life. The one she held now was the most precious. She sat at her desk and opened it, dipping the pen in the ink. She began scribbling furiously. She only looked up as the door burst open and a crusader burst in. She had just enough time to shove her journal in her skirt before he grabbed her. The scream died on her lips as she was knocked unconscious.

A woman sat in the slave markets. Somehow, she managed to make her decrepit skirt and bodice look regal. Her normally beautiful blonde hair fell in a curtain around her face. The color almost completely covered in grime. A man approached and she looked up. Her face was also covered in dirt, but that could not conceal the steely blue gaze. As he stepped towards her, a disgusting look on his face, she tugged at the bonds that held her hands in place. It was obvious from the expression on her face that she would like nothing better than to smack this man. He reached toward her bodice and she leaned down, biting his arm hard enough to draw blood. He drew back and cursed her and she growled fiercely back, the blood on her teeth only adding to the effect.

 "You Bitch!" he yelled. He reached his hand back to smack her, but the stall keeper stopped him.

"No damagin' the goods. Or you'll be havin' to pay for 'em." He started to firmly pull the man away. The woman, Catalina was her name, smirked at the furious man's retreating figure. Since her eyes were trained on the entrance where the man was leaving, she could hardly fail to notice the figure that walked in moments later. The woman was wearing black leather boots, pants, and a long black leather trench coat.  This only partially covered her silvery top. Her brown hair was pulled back and tied with a piece of leather. The sword and dagger at her side clearly proclaimed her status. The two men immediately recognized her as Mara, the best and only surviving vampire hunter in the area. She looked towards Cat and brown eyes met blue. Cat stared at her, and when the gaze was broken, it was followed by a small grin. The slaver, noticing the exchange, came over.

            "Hello Mistress Mara. How can I help you today? Perhaps you are interested in this slave, or maybe this one." He began bumbling, attempting to gain her attention.


            "Yes m'lady?" She glared at him.

"Don't call me that."

"Yes ma'am "

"Don't call me that either. Don't call me anything."

"O..of course"

"Now. How much is that slave?" she asked, pointing to Cat. 

"That slave is only a few pieces of silver. I'll give you all of her personal information if you'll just step over here." Mara nodded and followed him, listening quietly as he spoke. Meanwhile, Cat stood and walked over. She gave Mara a curtsy as Mara turned from paying, and then she turned to the slaver.

"Adios Baka!" He stared in shock. Those were the first words she had spoken, and he hadn't understood either of them.  Mara had understood both, and was now wearing a grin. She turned to the entrance.

"Come on Catalina, it's time to leave." Cat nodded her head,

"Of course. But…would you mind…" She lifted her tied hands as best she could. Mara's grin grew slightly wider.

"Right" she lifted her dagger, and Cat was free to mover her hands again. 

"Thank You." Mara waved off her thanks and the two left, with many stares from the crowd, who saw a slave walking at equal pace and stature with The Vampire Hunter. The two easily ignored the murmurs about their companionship, and quickly left the town. 

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