Both sitting on the other side,
A sea of red between us,
Chained to our pride,
Both you and I our love suppress.

Day by day we watch each other,
Forsaking all but our dreams,
Not daring to be together,
Knowing it isn't as simple as it seems.

Hating, fearing our love accursed,
Fighting, screaming for deliverance,
Yet again we fall to our providence,
One last time quenching our thirst.

Now you're gone,
And I'm left alone,
Watching them grieve for you,
I cannot start my life anew.

I'm coming; I cannot bear the pain,
Neither can I forget
The day we met,
So I won't linger in vain.

Now I am gone,
And they see us and mourn,
Knowing they only made our pain worse,
By forbidding our love accursed.

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