Disclaimer: Let's get this straight. 1.) This poem belongs to me 2) It's no one else's 3) I didn't copy it 4) Don't even bother to ponder on whether to steal it or not. You'll be haunted by guilt for the rest of your life; it's going to be hanging over your head. And I'm speaking the truth.

Author's Note: This was a class assignment on how to look at things in different ways – and we had to put in the word in every stanza.

Dawn creeps up

allowing night to fall

and amongst all the darkness

the flickering flare of fire

gives an immense golden glow

The sky, the air

The darkness

are all part of fire

Just one whole thing

One ponders on the existence of it

and how fire came to be

What exactly makes a fire burn

besides oil and sticks?

One ponders.

An invisible, driving will

makes you try to do anything

and succeed while doing it

A never seen, but often felt fire

Sometimes it's the thing that we fear the most

a symbol of death

seeing it utterly devour something, a structure,

a building –

whole –

gives it its true name –


Amidst the darkness still

a flare still burns endlessly

wavers for a second

Then fire finally goes out

but doesn't die.