I looked up into those clear gray eyes of his and I could feel myself redden under his intent gaze. Those eyes never left my face for a second as he caressed my cheek softly, as if it was made of glass. His hand felt good on my face and made me feel at ease with him. I closed my eyes at the touch and put my hand over his. He leaned forward and kissed my hand. I opened my eyes again and smiled. This was it. The time had finally come.
He kissed my hand again, reassuring me with that charm only he could possess. He then my hand is his and led me to the bed. I took one look at the white and blue pinstriped bed and my nervousness took over. I stopped for a moment, hesitating as my hand let go of his. He turned to me a little perplexed, but then realized that I was no longer comfortable and was now full of fear. He put his arms around me and kissed me fully on the lips once more to reassure me. I drank in the kiss, holding on to him as our tongues met in a passionate dance. Without thinking, I slipped my hands up his shirt feeling the smooth contours of his chest. He lifted his arms up and I helped him tugged off his shirt. His hard, lean body was up against mine and I could feel the tension that he was holding within. I looked up once more into the perfect gray eyes that enraptured my heart in soul for nearly all of my life. His eyes told me all I needed to know right then and there.
Our movements to the bed were so swift and hurried after that; I hardly remember how I got there. He breathed heavily as he hovered above me, burning desire coursing out of him. I saw the bulge that was his and knew this was the time. Right here and now is where I would finally have done what so many have done before. And for me, it was a person I truly loved.
He took off my shirt with ease and his nimble fingers delicately took of my bra. Lying there in only my jeans, I felt vulnerable again when I saw him gazing at my chest. . Slowly, he reached out and stroked my breasts and I shivered with pleasure. He began to rub the nipples, hardening at his fingertips, while my breaths became shorter with each stroke of his thumbs. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around his neck pulled him on top of me. He kissed me on the lips as he came to my level, and began to tug at his zipper. As soon as he got those off he started on mine. I was rapidly losing control of everything, but it felt so go to just let it all go.
Before I knew what was happening, his pants and boxers were lying on the floor and the only article of clothing I had left on were my panties. I stared in amazement at the size of his arousal, and also in triumph that I could make him feel this way. He moaned as I reached up and stroked his shaft, and curled my fingers around it. He buried his face in my hair and tried to stifle a loud burst of pleasure. I squeezed it slightly getting excited myself, waiting for the moment that as ours'.
He glanced at me and saw I was as anxious as he, but he didn't want to start the main even yet. He teased me by slowly taking my panties, inch by inch. I groaned out in anticipation as he finally took them off. He threw them on the floor along with the rest of the clothes and turned back to me. He began to stoke the silken skin of my inner thigh and I cried out in pleasure as I felt myself warm beneath his hand. Without warning, he slipped his finger into my soft mound as I gasped with each motion, relishing in the delightful movements. I felt my self convulse and tighten around his fingers. I felt myself grow even more moist then before as he began to slide in his other finger and move them around ever so gently. Then, as if to prolong my wonderful episode, he took his fingers out as slowly as he could. I moaned out again, wondering if I was dreaming.
Those gray eyes met mine again, and I knew that the time had arrived. No more foreplay. This was finally it, and I was going to go through. We had waited so long for this moment, and we would remember it forever.
I wrapped my legs around his waist not leaving his eyes for a second. He brought his waist to mine and nudged his hardness at my entrance. We held each other's gazes for the longest time when he finally entered me.
A rush of plain and pleasure swirled within me as he took me. I felt myself tear and bleed, and for a moment I lost the excitement that had me so enthralled. But as I adjusted myself to his size and shape, the pain faded away and the excitement finally returned as he began to move in and out of me. His moaning met my own as our bodies intertwined as one. He mumbled saying of undying love and eternity that sounded so right at that moment that I could have touched the stars of the never ending sky. As he finally succumbed to his release, he let out a moan of utter pleasure. Then, exhausted from the release, he fell next to me, wrapping an arm around my waist.
I had finally done it, I had accomplished what I have wanted to do for such a long time with the one man I truly love and trust. My respect as a woman is now complete and my trust is now secure. I wanted to be on top of the world. And, during that moment, I was. But afterwards, it's different. Now, I feel like I'm soaring.