Leathery Wings

All my life I've wondered why
Why my soul could never fly
Why people my wings would shred
Changing leathery wings to shades of red

As I lay, battered and weak
I look at myself, an awful freak
Now I know why I won't fly
There's no reason to, my soul will die

A daemon of Hell, a fallen angel
I lie in blood, knowing well
But I see a face, and wonder if
The beauty there will help me live

The face I see kept me alive
And I now see I will survive
But the light is gone, the night is here
And all around, me foes cower in fear

My soul survived, I see this now
But the aura has turned darker somehow
And as my foes are brushed aside
My soul begins a genocide

My pool of blood like molten rock
In my hand is a key to the lock
To the gates of Hell where no one sings
As I soar through the night on leathery wings