My Tragedy
By JJbad
Why does everything hurt me so much?
Am I truly that weak?
I mean I can't take a hear anything you say with out hurting.
Crying on the inside.
It all hurts me. But you don't seem to see that do you?
I am in so much pain, yet I seem to love you
Maybe we aren't meant to be together
I only feel pain and that sucks
When you are meant to be with a person you should be happy to be with them
Yet why is it when I am with you I Either?
Wish I was dead,
Wish you were dead,
Wish you would shut up,
Wish you would only pay attention to me.
Maybe I am a jealous freak?
I need to let it out more
Don't you think?
I need to have tears stain my clothes
My body wracked in sobs
I am truly weak aren't I?
I can't even tell you this to your face.
So intoxicated in you
Your smell
Your looks
Just you
Yet you don't seem to understand that
I am attracted to you
I just forgot how to show it
You are such a pimp and I hate you
If you were ordinary I would hate you
If you were anything else I would hate you
What's wrong with me Mr. Leo?
Can you help me figure out this Dilemma?
A Libra's Dilemma