Courageous Ones

Look at our brave soldiers,
See them as they fight,
Can you see that they're courageous?
That they're doing what is right?

How many lives were taken,
How many children died?
We mourn over our soldiers,
Because for them, we're full of pride.

But innocence was taken,
Fragile lives were lost,
Because of our "brave soldiers,"
Little ones have paid the cost.

Lives had barely started,
When the war took them away,
Yet we don't even mention them,
When, on our knees, we pray.

We pray for our own people,
For our soldiers who were killed,
When so many children's hopes and dreams,
Can never be fulfilled.


Note: I'm not saying that we shouldn't praise our soldiers for what they've done- it must take guts. I just hate the fact that we mourn over them forever and ignore all of the other people who have been killed. People who weren't soldiers, people who's lives can never be given back to them, despite the fact that they've done nothing wrong.