I sit beside the trees and wonder,
What the earth is like yonder
The mountains and the blue sky
Where few eagles dare fly.

I walk and think about the places,
Where angels fear to tread,
Because they are filled with dread,
When they see human faces.

I sleep and dream about the moons and the suns,
A shooting star sees as it runs
From the sadness and the tears,
Or the growing of the years.

I live and speak of time,
Always flowing, ever growing,
And committing the greatest crime,
By our life and youth forever taking.

I sit beside the trees and wonder,
Of what the world shall be,
Without a spring or summer,
That I shall ever see.

AN: Really rather useless poem, and its inspired form an LOTR one, but i
just had to write it, and i just thought of putting it here. Anyways, i
love constructive criticism so watever u want to say: REVIEW PLEASE REVIEW