It was dark outside and no doubt cold. The flight was taking longer than usual and we were nowhere near our destination- we still had a three-hour drive ahead of us.

Beside me, Brad was happily reading his book, his cheeks rosy from the cool air conditioning and the scotch he had just had. It was all his idea to take a trip at Christmas. He had refused to tell me all the details just that I had to pack for cold weather and that to expect us to be gone for a few days. So of course like the child I was I had excitedly packed everything he had told me to pack and waited patiently for him outside my house in the freezing cold. Which brings us to here, on a plane flying to some place I don't know about with the best guy on the planet.

"Brad…" I whined and tugged on his shirtsleeve a little. "I'm bored damnit, tell me where we're going?"

"I'm bored damnit, tell me where we're going?" He raised an eyebrow and looked up from his book. "Gotta try harder than that Kenji."

"It was worth a shot." I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Brad, please just give me a clue!"

"I already did, it's cold. There." He chuckled and went back to reading.

"Well duh! It's the middle of fucking winter!" I whined and huffed, flopping back in my seat and folding my arms. "It's not fair, why can't you tell me where we're going?"

"Because it's a secret." He answered in a fatherly way.

"Ladies and Gentlemen we are shortly due to arrive at our destination," The Captain's voice cut in before I could carry on my whining. "It's a chilling minus ten degree centigrade out there right now so remember to wrap up warmly before you leave the airport. I would like to remind you to make sure you have all your luggage with you when you leave the plane and we hope you had a pleasurable flight and to enjoy the rest of the Christmas season."

"Even the dumb captain won't tell me where we are." I grumbled and peered out of the window at the millions of lights that made up whatever city we were landing in.

Even if I found out the name of the city, I still had no clue where Brad was taking me, like I said before after this we had a three-hour drive ahead of us. I heard the tone for the seat belt sign and clicked my seatbelt back on, feeling a shiver of excitement as the plane slowly began to descend to earth.

"How are we getting from here to where ever it is we're going to?" I asked as we grabbed our bags from the luggage check point and headed for the exit.

So far I had figured out we were in New York City but something told me that this wasn't where our journey would end.

"I rented a car." Brad nodded, a determined expression set on his features like concrete.

"Oh." I nodded and followed him over to the car pick up point.

He told me to wait in the lounge whilst he went to sign the last few papers and the lady behind the desk showed him to the car. After about five minutes he came in to get me his cheeks even rosier than on the plane and a smile gracing his lips.

"Already, Mr. Palmer?" He asked as he led me over to the silver car.

"Certainly am Mr. Hamilton." I chuckled and climbed in, glad it was lovely and warm inside.

I settled into my seat and buckled myself in, sighing happily as Brad got in next to me and eased the car towards the exit.

"You might want to get some rest." He said as we stopped in the exit traffic. "We have quite a drive a head of us."

"As long as you promise to wake me up before we get to where ever we're going." I mumbled and settled back in my seat, allowing my eyes to shut.

"I promise." He answered, the smile evident in his voice.

"Good." I mumbled and allowed myself to drift off.




"We're nearly here angel."

I allowed my eyes to flutter open, the darkness and the felt ceiling of the car meeting my tired gaze. I sat up properly and looked at Brad who was concentrating on the road. Outside it was dark except for where the lights lit up the road, the shadows of the bare trees looking eerie. I shivered and rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

"We just went through the gates." He informed me as we slowed at a bump. "Not too long now though, only another five minutes and we'll be there."

"I wish I knew where there was." I sighed.

Brad simply chuckled and carried on driving.

Soon the dirt road led to a large green area full of cabins and lights. In the centre of the roundabout was a huge Christmas tree covered in lights, swaying gently in the winter winds. I smiled as another sign came up.

Welcome to Promised Lands State Park, we hope you enjoy your stay.

"Here," Brad slowed the car dramatically and handed me what looked like a blindfold. "We're not going any further until you put this on."

"I knew you would spoil my fun." I sighed and slipped the blindfold on, Brad helping. "This feels just like that dinner all over again."

"Only now we're staying for longer." Brad chuckled.

I felt the car moving again and sighed heavily feeling impatient and excited all at once. After a while the car slowed to a halt and the engine died out. I couldn't really do much with out my sight but the feeling on Brad's soft warm lips on my cheeks made me smile and giggle a little in excitement.

"Stay there, I'll help you out." Brad ordered before a gush of cold air hit me causing me to gasp. "Okay, take it slowly."

I moved as carefully as I could, feeling my way out of the car and into Brad's arms. He shut the car door and locked it up before slipping a protective arm around my waist and pulling me close to him. I could smell the coldness in the air, the snow too and the trees howled and groaned as they swayed in the strong wind. I smiled a little when I heard the crunch of snow under my foot and allowed Brad to lead me into a lighter area before taking a flight of stairs as carefully as I could.

"Damn door." I heard Brad grumble under his breath before he cheered in triumph and took my hand in his own colder one. "Mind the step."

"I can't exactly see remember?" I muttered and took an exaggerated step into the warmer, sheltered area. "Ooh warmth."

The door clicked shut behind me, blocking out the sounds of the wind and the feeling of cold air. I shivered a little and sighed as the warmth began to seep into my body again. I happily allowed Brad to take my coat away, chuckling and he teasingly kissed me on the lips as he slid my coat off my shoulders.

"Okay you ready?" He asked.

"I've been ready since we left Los Angeles." I chuckled.

"Fair dues." He chuckled also and fiddled with the blindfold.

The material fell away and warm flickering light tempted me to open my eyes. I did so slowly, squinting against the change before everything became clearer causing me to gasp. The room was huge, well the one we were standing in was, a fire place burnt brightly on the adjacent wall and huge, snug looking leather couches and armchairs were dotted around the edges of the room. In the middle, on the carpeted floor was a huge Persian rug that looked so soft and comfy. There were no Christmas decorations, not that the cabin needed it, it looked enough like Christmas as it was. There were stairs along the far wall leading to what I assumed was the bedroom and bathroom and another door beside me led to what I assumed was the Kitchen.

"Oh wow…" I breathed, smiling a little as the shock settled in. "Oh Brad… it's beautiful."

"I thought you might like it." He whispered in my ear and wrapped his arms around me from behind, kissing my neck lightly. "It's my Christmas present to you."

"I love it." I whispered and turned my head to look at him. "Thank you."

"Anytime." He smiled and kissed my cheek before slipping away and leading me over to one of the couches. "Sit whilst I go get the bags."

I nodded and watched him head outside again before taking another look at my amazing surroundings. It was surprisingly warm considering the fireplace was the only visible sign of heating in this place, the windows were closed up and shuttered probably to keep the cold air out, there was a stereo and a TV with a VCR making me smile. By the time I had finished looking around Brad was back in with our bags. He dumped them down and shut the door looking extremely cold.

"I'll take them upstairs." I offered and quickly picked the bags up.

"Well I'll have to show where the bedrooms are." He winked and led the way up the stairs.

There was no actual lighting on the landing meaning we had to carefully feel our way around to the first door. However once inside we were plunged into light thanks to several lamps around the room. The bedroom looked even cozier than the lounge. There was another couch in here, this one also leather and deep, the bed was huge and tall, kind of like the beds in your grandma's house and covered in thick duvets and quilts. I grinned like a child and placed our bags at the edge of the room so that we didn't trip over them before falling into Brad arms as he both collapsed onto the soft bed.

"So this is the bedroom huh?" I chuckled and kissed the tip of his cold nose.

"Yup." He grinned and snaked his arm around my waist. "Like it?"

"I love it." I purred against his lips and kissed him gently.

The kiss lingers, his soft lips melding against mine amazingly as he pulled me closer, his tongue snaking out to greet me. His soft taste caused me to moan in delight, my lips parting so that he had his desired access. I swept my hands through his hair and our tongues tackled each other playfully. Finally I broke away, sucking lightly on his lower lips as I sat up to catch my breath.

"We should get some rest." He murmured, staring up at me with dark eyes. "I have a long day planned out for us tomorrow."

I nodded and smiled down at him before rolling off the bed and helping him up. We changed in silence, both of us having to put on a jumper as well as PJ bottoms just to keep warm. Once changed we scrambled under the thick covers and wrapped ourselves around each other, settling happily in the warmth and each other's company. I happily rested my head in the crook of Brad's neck, his chin resting gently on my head as we waited for sleep to come.



I paused and smiled shyly. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas."


It was the smell of cooking bacon and the emptiness beside me that roused me in the morning. Cold winter light was filtering in from somewhere making me shiver despite it being beautifully warm in the bed. Eventually I allowed my eyes to open, taking a few minutes to adjust to my new surrounds before slipping out of the bed and finding a pair of socks to keep my feet warm.

"Oh you're awake." Brad looked up from the pan that was currently hissing on the stove. "I was hoping to serve you breakfast in bed."

"Cheesy but sweet." I chuckled and yawned. "Can I at least have a mug of coffee and m boyfriend back in bed?"

"No can do on the last part." He chuckled. "Well not until I'm finished here, I'll bring you some coffee up in a minute. Now get back to bed."

"Yes sir." I saluted jokingly and headed back up to bed.

Brad was up within minutes of me settling in bed again, a tray of food inviting my appetite into play.

"Hmm you're too good to me." I chuckled as he set the tray on the nightstand and handed me a mug.

"Anything for you." He kissed me on the cheek gently and climbed back into the bed with me.

We ate our breakfast and drank our coffee whilst talking about things in general. Brad was keen on telling me Randy's "Progress" and how Darin and Steve had both nearly been arrested at a hotel for disturbing the peace. All the events from the band's touring seemed unbelievable but then I had heard many stories from other bands that were just as crazy or extravagant so it was likely that all of this stuff really went on.

"So," Brad changed the subject. "I thought today I'd take you down to the lake, it's real nice when it's just snowed."

"You know?" I asked surprised.

He nodded. "We came up here for a family vacation when I was a kid. It was that winter when you went back to Tokyo."

"Oh." I nodded vaguely remembering that winter vacation. "You never told me about it."

"You never asked." He chuckled and kissed me on the cheek again before standing up. "I'll clean this lot up, you get dressed into something warm and meet downstairs."

I watched him leave, laughing a little tom myself before climbing out of the warm comfortable bed and quickly searching for something warm to wear. Ten minutes later and I was dressed in a thick pair of jeans, a t-shirt, jersey and my coat. My hair was spiked to perfection as usual (Okay so I'm a little vain at times) and my teeth were brushed. I headed downstairs whistling happily to myself. Brad smiled up at me when he spotted me and opened the front door.

"All set?" He asked.

"Yup." I answered with a grin and followed him out.

It was completely still outside. The sky was one huge fluffy grey cloud that threatened more snow while the earth was flawless white. It was still chillingly cold and I shivered a little before taking Brad's hand in mine as we began walking towards a set of trees, a red sign hanging from one of the pines.

Lake and Forest, this way.

"Won't it be busy?" I asked feeling shut off from the rest of the world as we walked through the trees.

"Nope." He grinned and pulled me down onto the bank. "It's completely empty."

And it was. The lake hadn't frozen over but everything was white as far as the eye could see while the water was cold and dark, light waves lapping at the wet shores that weren't covered in the white ice. I smiled feeling captivated and allowed Brad to slip his arms around me from behind pressing our bodies together as we both looked over the beautiful view.

"It's amazing." I murmured after a few minutes, smiling as Brad's warm lips tickled my neck, his hot breath hitting my cold ear.

"Yeah." He mumbled as he kept kissing my neck, his grip on my tightening.

I just smiled, titling my head a little, covering Brad's hands with my own as I happily enjoyed the time alone with him. After New Years day, Brad was back on the road doing Projekt: Revolution. And I wouldn't get to see him for two months. It was something I expected, despite never being in the situation before, Brad had a career that would take him to the ends of the earth, so to speak and I would be stuck in LA living the life of a music producer and video director who hardly ever saw the outside of his studio complex.

"What you thinking about?" Brad whispered in my ear quietly.

"You." I answered truthfully.

I felt Brad smile against my skin as he turned me around and kissed me gently, his lips warm and dry thanks to the wind. I pulled him closer until our hips banged into each other and I could feel his own warmth mingling with mine. I couldn't help but shiver as his finger crept under my shirt and rested on my skin as his tongue begged for admittance. I gave it to him, moaning in delight as his warm sensual taste invaded my mouth.

"We should take this somewhere warmer." Brad suggested when we broke apart.

"But we just got here." I mumbled thinking his idea sound more pleasing but just teasing him.

"I know, but I want to go back." He purred and grabbed my hand, pulling me back towards the cabins.

We ran the last fifteen yards to the cabin giggling and pawing at each other's clothes eagerly when we stumbled up the step to the door. Brad unlocked it quickly and pulled me in, kicking the door shut then pushing me up against it roughly, his lips instantly attacking mine teasingly. I moaned as his hands ran up under my shirts and his nails grated teasingly over my chest, his tongue flicking against my own as we kissed each other hungrily. I pushed his jacket off his shoulders and threw it away sliding my hands down to his ass and pulling him closer, a light throaty moan rising from his lips.

"Jacket." He panted and tugged at my jacket suggestively.

I grinned and pulled my own jacket off, throwing that away too before I backed him up over to the rug, him pulling his own jersey off and me pulling off my own. Before I had chance to fully throw that away, Brad pulled me down onto the floor, rolling so his body crushed mine into the soft rug, his lips pressed roughly to mine and his tongue licking at my kiss swollen lips. I moan and smoothed my hands over his strong back, scraping my nails over the lightly tanned skin as we pressed our hips into each other, the friction of the movement painfully blissful.

We broke away panting heavily, our chests heaving and our fingers fumbling with belts and zippers as we tugged off our jeans and kicked them away, my own body itching to be touched. Brad's lips found mine once again, our tongues running against each other's visibly as we ground our hips together lightly. The heat from our bodies left our skin feverishly hot as our kisses became more desperate and heated, light groans and purrs rising up into the warm sweet air.

"Brad…" I murmured against his skin lightly, pushing my hips up slightly. "Please…"

He nodded, his nose brushing against mine before he sat up on my thighs panting, his eyes black with lust and his skin glimmering in the hazy light of the fire. "Are you sure?"

I nodded and watched as he stood up and headed off to find something that was close to lubricant. I remained on the soft rug, sliding my boxers off myself and kicking them away. The warmth around me was lazy and relaxing, pooling over me like soft gentle waves, lulling me into relaxation. I looked up lazily as Brad came back, smiling playfully at him and motioning him over with my finger. He fell to his knees, panting, his eyes sweeping over me before he crushed his lips to mine heatedly in hard, feverish kisses. I smiled against his lips taking the tube of lubricant from his hand reading the label.

"My, My a rock star buying lubricant." I chuckled breathlessly. "How ever did you pull it off?"

A shy grin covered his lips, his cheek already flushed from our activities. "No one cares in LA remember? I'm just another famous person as far as they're concerned. But in any case I got someone else to get it for me."

I laughed and allowed him to take the tube back. He unscrewed the cap and poured some of the liquid into his hand, staring at it for a moment before looking back at me. I knew what he was thinking. This would only be our second time together really, his first time inside of me but despite it all, I wanted to share this moment again, to show him that this really was us for good, if time and fate allowed it.

"It'll be okay." I smiled at him. "It's about us remember?"

He nodded before a casual smile graced his lips and he slid his boxers off with his free hand. He was still as beautiful as I remembered and I smiled as his pale skin glistened in the flickering light, his features and curves more prominent.

"Okay." He panted and leant over me, kissing my chin sloppily.

I gasped as he pressed a lubricated finger at my opening, slipping in easily. My body gave to reactions, one that worked against the strange intrusion and the other almost pleasurable, as if this was something good. Brad grinned against my skin, moving his finger around until I moaned loudly, a heated wave of pleasure exploding in the pit of my stomach outwards. He added a second then, stretching and probing, all the time kissing my skin and murmuring sweet nothings to me. Eventually he slid his fingers out and rested both his hands on his hips as he moved into position. I couldn't help but smile as his hands gripped my skin and his hot breath tickled my face.

"Ready?" He breathed.

"Always." I answered.

I gasped shakily as he pushed in, the sensation a cocktail of pain and pleasure. Brad's grip tighten suddenly, a low moan leaving his precious lips, his eyes squeezed shut and his arms shaking lightly. I waited for my entire body to become accustomed to the change before pushing my hips against Brad, motioning for him to move. His eyes fluttered open, hazy and dark with lust as he swallowed and slowly slid out. A warm wave washed through me making me murmur in delight before I pulled Brad down, kissing him feverishly, letting him know it was okay to move a little faster.

He took the hint and moved comfortably, his rhythm so good that I couldn't help but moan every time he moved. The ball of fire was building in my stomach, my skin tingling and my head buzzing. Brad's hot breath brushed over my lips, our kisses sloppy and quick, our breathing becoming heavier. I moaned when he pushed in harder than usual, my whole body tingling with delight as wave after wave of pleasure washed through me, my body shaking from the intensity. Above me Brad's face was screwed up in pleasure, his breathing heavy, his shoulder shuddering from the pleasure he was feeling.

The heat of Brad's hand around my own erection was all I needed, I moaned and pushed my hips up roughly, the heat of the pleasure boiling over and sending my system into over drive. I cried out as my orgasm sent white hot pleasure through me, my mind going blank and my vision blurring into whiteness. I felt Brad shudder above me before his hips jerked and he gasped.

The tingling of the aftermath made us both slump, completely spent, dreamy smiles plaster on our swollen lips. I groaned a little in discomfort when Brad pulled out but happily welcomed his embrace, his strong arms snaking around my body and pulling me close to his body, his warmth and sweet scent comforting and soothing.

"This is like a dream come true." He murmured in my ear once our breathing was back to normal. "Us two together at last."

I nodded and smiled. "I have something for you."

I quickly stood up, pulling on my boxers before heading upstairs before Brad cold protest. It took me a little while to find what I was looking for but when I did I cheered in triumph and ran back downstairs like an excited child, chuckling when I saw Brad had grabbed a blanket from somewhere and had it laid out for us both. I sat down beside him and handed him the small present.

"What is it?" He asked looking a little confused.

"Open it and you'll find out." I chuckled and kissed his cheek. "I was going to give it to you tomorrow but I think now would be an even better time."

He unwrapped the blue paper with care as always, only to be confronted by the hard back of a photo frame. I shivered in excitement and watched as Brad slowly turned the frame over. The colorful paper glimmered in the flickering light of the fire, the swirls and patters all winding towards the centre in array of blues, purples, gold's and bronzes lining the patterns that all met a heart.

Kenji Akio Palmer Luvs Bradford Karl Hamilton.

"It's…" He breathed.

"Not quite." I answered and took the picture from his hand. "That day at the airport, when you kissed me, I wanted so much to turn back the hands of time and tell you everything. That picture you gave me, it was the only thing I had that symbolized how much you loved me back, how much you needed me like I needed you. So I made you one, a negative of what you gave me, like light and dark, but showing you just how much you mean to me, Bradford Karl Hamilton."

"It's beautiful." He murmured, his eyes glimmering with happiness. "It absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much."

"Any time." I smiled and kissed him gently.

"I love you Kenji." He breathed.

"I love you too Brad." I answered and smiled. "Always and forever."


A/N: man I feel bad for ending this story, we've had some great moments together folks **Sniffs** anyway it's over, sorry it took so long to get this chapter to you, but I hope you liked it. Now this is over, I'm taking a weeks break just to replenish the inspiration well then I'm starting on The Porcelain Child which I beg you please check out because I have some great plans for that involving love fluff, Angst and good old British humor (They are mostly British after all). Chow Meow.