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* * *

Alasse Seregon is a name little known in these times; peoples being too concerned with their own business to worry about the Old Times. But, she was quite well known in the Old Times, and thereafter for many years. Alasse was a goddess; no, she was above a goddess. There is no longer a word to describe what she was, but Alasse was a Gifted, and this is her story.

No, this would be a bad way to begin my tale. This is not a story about Alasse, but rather the events that occured because of her. But, in a sense, it is about her, because the Wind Charm was made by her, and thus contained a bit of her personality. I'm getting ahead of myself here, because first I must tell what the Wind Charm is, and how it was made.

Alasse was known as the Wind Gifted. The Gifted are the Creators of the World; by creating the Great Symphony, and He Who Rules put their words into a picture, which was the World. Alasse, as many of you can now tell, created the air and the winds, both the good and the bad. For Alasse was neither good nor evil, and that is very uncommon among Peoples, even the Gifted.

Now, Alasse was a very quiet and reserved person; she often kept to herself, even after He Who Rules sent His children to live in the World; Humans and Demons and Mutants and Elves and Dwarves. She, like the other Gifted, would take the form of one of the Peoples or of an animal to observe them.

The Humans, obviously, were most like us, only much more elegant and proud. For the race of Humans has dwindled in purity, dignity, and knowledge. The Elves were taller and much more graceful than the Humans, and were much more fond of nature; they could be easiest told from Humans by their ears, which pointed at the tips. The Dwarves were much shorter and rounder, and most fond of the Earth and the minerals within; for, as you know, there are jewels and gold and silver and much else besides. They would mine for the most valuable, and exchange it with the Humans and Elves for foodstuffs.

Mutants were, at one time, Human. But Gletheron, one of the First Fathers of the Humans, grew fond of Isil Saralonde, one of the Gifted who stayed with He Who Rules in His palace (which is where He created the Peoples). They had one child, Gilther, who was like a Human, but had most extraordinary powers that were similar to a Gifted, but much much less powerful. Gilther could move objects with his mind. When He Who Rules sent His children to Earth, Gilther went with them. He then took a Human wife, and had quite a few children. They became known as Mutants among the other Peoples. They were known by the Gifted as the Tathar, the Human Gifted, in the One Language of the Peoples. The Peoples were jealous of the powers of the Mutants, and so sent them away. The Mutants lived in the wilderness, living off what the land provided, rather than learn to make their own food, like the Humans and Elves, or to learn another craft and trade the products for food, like the Dwarves.

The Demons were also disliked by the Peoples. The first were like Humans in face and stature. Their children, however, began forming qualities similar to creatures. Some had ears and tails like the creatures and remained mostly Human-like, others looked almost exactly like the creatures themselves. They were quite good fighters, and would often fight and test their speed, strength, and skill. They were, at first, friendly with the Humans, and would train them in exchange for food. They were the first to be driven away, joined shortly after by the Mutants. The Mutants and Demons became friendly, and often interbred.

Thus, Magic (as it was later called) was formed among the Mutants and Demons. They developed Energy attacks. They learned what they called Telekenesis, or moving objects with the mind. They even learned to fly.

* * *

Many things had been created by the Gifted. Gelmir Taralom, the Water Gifted, filled the oceans with whales, dolphins, and millions of fish, and the rivers and lakes also with fish. Gwindor Felagund, the Sky Gifted, set loose millions of different types of birds. Nienna Calmcacil made the grass, trees, and every type of plant in the World. Alasse made the swift, strong horse, the fleet deer, and gazelle. There were many others, as all of you who live in the World already know. It would take me thrice as long and more to tell my story were I to tell of all creatures who inhabit the World, so I will continue.

The Peoples, when they arrived in the World after the Gifted finished filling it with creatures, were not as appreciative of the trees and animals as the Gifted. They tore the trees down and made shelter; they killed the animals and ate the fruits of the plants. The Gifted were devastated.

The labors that they had put into creating the World were going to waste. Everything they had created was being destroyed. Thus, they created Helpers in forms like to the Peoples; these Helpers were called by the Peoples Gods and Goddesses.

They became the Watchers of the World; because the Gifted could not change what they had made, the Gods and Goddesses would protect it. There were Watchers of the rivers, who were blue and Elf-like, with long, webbed fingers and toes, and silvery bluish hair. And Watchers of the Trees, which at that time, grew in only one part of the World. They were brownish and almost tree-like, with mounds of greenish hair on their heads, especially the Goddesses, and were twice as tall as any of the Peoples. Many others there were, also, but the story must continue.

Alasse, unlike the other Gifted, did not have a favorite of the Peoples. She made a God of the horse, and Goddesses of the deer and the gazelle. She made them in forms in likeness to her creations, but slightly larger, and more graceful, fleet, and beautiful, so they would be recognizable from the deer, horses, and gazelle.

All of the Gifted were enraged when the Peoples tamed the animals. Most angry of all was Alasse, who watched her horses get whipped and broken to submit to the Humans, who were the first to attempt it. The Gifted soon became most fond of Elves, who befriended creatures rather than force them to work.

What does all of this have to do with Alasse or the Wind Charm, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. Alasse decided, rather than compromise with the Peoples like the good Gifted, or attack them in hatred like the evil Gifted, to take a different approach.

She had seen how the other Gifted would teach Fire, Water, Darkness, Moonlight, Lightning, and many other techniques to the Peoples. She had been sought out to teach the Wind Technique. But she didn't.

* * *

Alasse had the winds sweep her up in their grasp. They took her to the highest peak of the tallest mountain, and she stood, looking over the world. She had taken the form of a tall woman, with long black hair and a pale face. She wore a long white dress, with flared sleeves. The winds blew softly, blowing her long hair and the hem and sleeves of her skirt backward.

There was a city of Humans at the foot of the mountain, and they watched as she was brought to the mountain top on the wind. They saw the powers of the winds, and they wanted it for themselves. For Humans were, and still are, full of greed.

And Alasse took the Wind technique and all that went with it- speed, agility, endurance, and the magic, as well- and gave it a physical form. The powers of the Wind were put into a silver stone, shaped like a galloping stallion. The stone was no larger than a charm on a bracelet; and thus, it became known as the Wind Charm.

"Any who can find me will be rewarded with the Wind technique!" she exclaimed; her voice was heard faint, but clear by the villagers. They have always remembered her words, and many have sought her out since then.

Alasse then leapt upon the back of Glandor, a black stallion, and went deep into the mountains, taking with her the Wind Charm. She set around her many traps and challenges, so that no man could near the valley where she lived with Glandor and his mares.

The Wind Charm, it is believed, was lost when the Gifted left the World in disgust; the Elves took to the woods, and were seen little by Humans. Dwarves rarely left the huge cities they had made in the mountains, and the Mutants and Demons were soon considered legend, so hidden they remained. Humans soon nearly forgot about the other races, meeting only Elves, and rarely.

And that is the story of the Wind Charm.

* * *

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