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The Gift of the Shadoran

Chapter One.

Shora sighed, flopping down on her bed. Another frustrating school day. The Teachers looked for any reason to punish her; the other students made fun of her because of her clothes, her shoes, her hairstyle, any possible thing. Her Mother never understood her, her dad had died five years ago, and she didn't have any friends. Exhaustedly, she let her shoulder-length brown hair out of her ponytail, reached over to her stereo, and turned on a Cheryl Wheeler CD. As 'Northern Girl' began, she got up, opened a window, and got some incense out of her dresser drawer. Lighting it, she smiled as she breathed in the heavenly lavender scent. She took a chapter book from her shelf, and began to read.

Kitari sat down on the grass, her black fur blowing in the breeze. Her leaf-green eyes showed sorrow as she watched her brothers and sisters playing together, without her, and showing off their limited powers. That was what she got for being the outcast. The one who spent her time training her powers, and listening to the tales of Old Nurala while the other Shadoran spent their time swimming, climbing trees, hunting, catching fish, and playing. Even her own brothers and sisters teased her, mostly because she was the only Green-eye to ever be born into their bloodline.
The others were all fiery Red-eyes, or calm, collected Blue-eyes, or even the swift, sleek Pearl-eyes of the wind. No, she couldn't have been either, for she was a Green-eye of the forest. Instead of the flaming powers of a red-eye, aquatic powers of a blue-eye, or the mental and wind- related powers of the pearl-eye, she got stuck with the Green-eyes. She couldn't create fire, breathe through water, or lift a branch by thinking. Sure, she had her own, special powers, but she was made fun of because she was different, it wasn't fair! She began to meditate, relaxing her cat- like ears, and letting her bushy tail fall to the ground.
"Kyyyyyyeaaaaaahhhhhh!" sounded through the forest. Kitari woke up, startled. That was the sound of a Shadoran, and one that was in big trouble! Going as fast as her cat-like legs would allow, she ran towards the sound.

***** "Pass the potatoes, please, Shora?"

"Yes, Mother.", Shora replied, handing her mother the desired bowl. Her mother's brow creased in a frown. "Alright, enough of this." "Enough of what, Mother?", inquired Shora, hoping that she was being polite enough. "Don't 'mother' me! You've been polite all evening. What do you want?" Shora sighed. She was caught. "Mom, well.I was thinking.. Maybe I could get a pet? Before you say no, I've saved up enough money to get a kitten, some food, and a litter box and litter. I'm willing to feed it, play with it, change the litter, and anything else I need to do!" Her mother sighed. "Shora, we've talked about this. Who would pay for the vet? I know you don't have enough money to do that, AND buy the food, cat, and litter box. I just don't have enough money to help you, and I don't think you're responsible enough. I know you wont vaccume up the cat hair, or pay for the furniture that the thing ruins, I'm sorry, Shora, but No." Shora stood up, tears coming to her eyes. "I'm thirteen, Mom! I don't have any friends, everyone makes fun of me, and you wont even let me get a kitten!" with that, she stormed up to her room, tears in her eyes. No one understood her, and no one ever would. She was alone. She locked the door, and turned on a Rurouni Kenshin video, hoping to dispel the sadness within her. *****
When Kitari got to the scene of the scream, she saw her older brother, Ignaar, backed up against a tree, shivering in terror. What could make a red-eye like Ignaar afraid? she thought, but then she saw. Standing in front of her brother, was a tall woman. She was different then any other human Kitari had ever seen. She had long, raven-black hair let lose, flowing to her waste. She had strange, demonic claws, fangs, and wings, and Kitari was sure she was no saint. She was muttering under her breath, casting some sort of spell.
Kitari snarled, how dare a strange woman try to harm her brother! Even if he made fun of her, he was kin, and kin was to be held above life itself. She attacked, animating the tree above her brother, and forcing it to attack the strange woman. The woman looked up from her work, eyes glittering with demonic hatred. "Ah.a Green-eye, a child of the woods. You're the first of your kind that I've seen. I'll send you to my home, for safe-keeping. No one messes with Necrinasha! Naro Niavus Necroin!" Kitari gasped, as she suddenly felt, like she was falling.falling away..

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