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Author's note: The strange boxes Kitari sees are a TV, VCR, videos, a stereo, and CDs. Also, everything in - - is telepathic communication. Enjoy!

Gift of the Shadoran Chapter Two


It was no use. No matter how hard she screamed, and kicked, Kitari was sucked in by the darkness. It was like she was falling through a black void, devoid of life, or light, just darkness, pitch-black darkness. How could she escape this void, before she arrived to whatever destination that terrible woman had set for her?
Maybe if she tried sending out energy? It was her only chance! Concentrating, she sent out her forestal energy, trying her best to overthrow the darkness gnawing at her helpless form. She knew in her heart it wouldn't work, but it was worth a shot.
She added more energy to the dark void, and it seemed like there was one glimmer of hope, like maybe the darkness would let her go, and escape from this strange void. In one last rush of energy, she added the last of her strength, and collapsed, as she was thrown out of the void, and landed in a soft place.

Shora locked her door, and sat down on her bed, tears in her eyes. Why did her mother think she wasn't responsible enough to have a pet? She was 13! It wasn't fair at all! She needed a friend.sure, there was the people on the Internet, but they didn't know her, not really.she needed a real friend, someone who she could share everything with.
She sighed, as she looked out her window, at the full moon, and sparkling stars. "Whatever higher power it is, that controls the universe, and brings miracles", she began, "Be you God or Goddess, Zeus, or Hera, or whatever! Please, bring me a friend, Please.." By the time she ended, she was all-out sobbing. Then, suddenly, she heard something, outside her window.it was the sound of something hitting the ground! She ran down the stairs, past her Mom, who was still eating dinner, and out the door.
When she got outside, she couldn't find what it was, at first. She searched, and searched. What was it that fell from the sky? Was it a baby bird, or an acorn, or what? Then she saw it. A small animal, lying on top of the bush near her window. Its fur was long and black, and it had hands, like a raccoon. It had a sort of cat-like figure, and a long bushy tail. Whatever it was, it was unconscious. Poor thing, she thought, I wonder what it is.it looks like a cat, but who ever heard of a cat with hands? I might as well bring it in, before an owl gets it. Gently, she scooped it up into her arms, and slowly walked towards the house, hoping it wouldn't wake up and bite her. On the way through the kitchen, she took a dishtowel down, and covered the creature, so her mother wouldn't see. Luckily, when she got to the dining room, her mother was already gone. She went up to the room, turned her CD back on, and lit another stick of incense, and then gently set the creature on her bed. Suddenly, the creature began to open one eye.

***** Kitari opened one eye, then the other, and blinked, several times. Where was she? Had it worked? She took a look at her surroundings. She was sitting on a soft.something. It was like a small platform, and it had fluffy things on it.she walked over to one, and sniffed it. She knew that smell, it was pinesap. But that thing was definitely not a tree! There was a strange box in the corner, with another strange box on top of it, with several other weird boxes on top of that box. Near the soft platform, was yet another strange box, with flat boxes on top of it. In the other corner, was a tall platform, with what looked like compartments in it. There was what looked like a piece of cloth hanging out of one compartment. This wasn't what she pictured the Underworld to look like. There was music playing, cheery music, describing the autumn-time, in a place called 'New England'. Then, for the first time, she noticed that she was not alone in the room. Standing in front of the soft platform, watching her intently, was a human girl, with medium length brown hair, and intelligent brown eyes. This was no demon, Kitari knew. But where was she, and who was the girl? She decided to ask.

-Who are you? Where am I? What is this place? Where is Ignaar?-

"You're telepathic?!", was the response.