Authors Note: Here's a one shot fic for someone dear to me. I'm not gonna name him, because he will probably kill me anyway for writing this.

First note: If you're homophobic, then just don't bother. It's up to you whether or not you read this - who knows, you might even realise that gay people are human too. But don't then flame me, because I'll ignore it. I'm not gonna change my "evil" ways just because someone writes abuse!

Anyway, as I said, this guy means a great deal to me. No, that's a HUGE understatement, but you get what I mean! Enough ranting though, on with the very short fic! ^_^


Guys and girls, in each other's arms. They look picturesque, beautiful, like something from a movie. Dancing in time to the music, the light falling softly on their intertwined forms.

I sigh. Nothing is as it seems. The seemingly beautiful people each have their own share of ugliness. From within. Not all, mind you. I guess some ARE seemingly perfect, but if you look hard enough, underneath the beautiful exterior, there's a flaw. Or two. Maybe ten.

Notice the pairings? Boy - girl? It's always the same, no matter where you go. The beautiful people always fit in, always follow these rules.

And it's a load of bull.

I know that I'm different. I know that I don't fit in. Does that mean I don't deserve happiness? Does that mean I should feel cold and alone?

I've felt alone for a long, long time. Don't get me wrong, people have been there for me, tried to help, but none of them understood. Some only have limited patience when it comes to my low self-esteem, or the fact I feel ousted and lonely.

Then you came.

I can see you now. Stood to the side of the hall, watching wistfully. You know me. You understand me. Like soul mates maybe? I know what its been like for you. I GENUINLY know. And you know me. And more to the point, you're the one thing that can make me feel included, safe, warm, even loved.

You too have low self-esteem. I have no idea why. I can understand why you feel like that, but as I look out into the crowd, you stand out, looking more beautiful than anything there. I'm not talking about physical beauty. That doesn't matter. Sure we all wish we WERE physically gorgeous, but in reality, it's the person inside that should be beautiful. And no matter whether you looked like a movie star or the Hunchback of Notre Dame, that beauty in you is blinding.

I walk over to you, and we smile at each other. You may not fit in with the norm, but the fact that you stand out makes you all the more noticeable. The fact I CAN make you smile makes me melt inside. When all you want is the happiness of another, and that in turn makes you incredibly happy, that has got to be worth something.

I take your hand, and quite shamelessly, lead you into the dance floor. We wrap our arms around each other, and sway gently with the music.

This is happiness. This is everything. I defy anyone to tell me that this is evil, abnormal or wrong. How can feelings so wonderful be wrong? How can being happy be evil? All anyone wants is love, and to be loved.

Neither of us is leading. We each have our left arm around the waist of the other, our right arm around their shoulder and neck. Equals. No one needs to play the "male" or the "female". Why should we? We are BOTH male. And it feels so natural.

Some people are staring - others don't care. Some might think that they're disgusted. I prefer to think that they are merely jealous. Jealous of what ISN'T false, what ISN'T merely a so-called perfect fa├žade.

All the same, I feel a blush on my cheeks. I can feel you looking at me, and I turn my head, to lock my gaze into your eyes. Beautiful eyes. You smile at me, making my blush deepen. Only you can do that to me.

You probably feel it. My heart beating. When I'm with you, it beats so hard, its as though its trying to break out of my chest. I close my eyes, and just let it all flow over me. The music. Your breathing. The stares of the others. All of it. Because this is happiness.

And it's perfect.


A/N: So? What do you all think? And the guy I'm talking about knows who he is. This IS dedicated to you. And he is SO gonna kill me!

This is the up side to homosexuality. Despite hardships and prejudice, this is what it's all about.

Don't you think it's worth it?