| Still |

Im still breathing your skins entrancing lure,

From that yesterday you never came

Im still waiting for your missing heartbeat,

The one God mourns he never made

Ill be drowning amongst my silent dreams,

While you dance upon my destruction

And half way between my sanity and depression,

You'll close my eyes and kiss me softly,

Further my dying will

Im still yearning a loving touch,

The taint of spring on winter

Ill be frozen until your music stops,

Until I can walk without you

Im falling in your darkness

My logic in your hands

But my prayers aren't being answered;

All I feel is air


Right, well, this poem doesn't work at all, its rhythm is non existent, and basically its utter crap – id really like constructive criticism on this one - But I had a dream, and GlitterJewele *haha, thank you chica* helped me with my writing block, and what ill be fantasizing about during the unbearable moments in my maths exam *muahahaaa* so this poem is dedicated all to her, she deserves better, but the time is suitable. Hope you enjoyed.