Pushed too far

They say that if you push the most innocent of people they can turn into the most evilest. I am one of those people, I was pushed too far. The people around me didn't see it coming and when it arrived they didn't know what hit them. I regret it now but a friend once said to me 'do not dwell on the past' so from now on I am only going to look forward. I'm going to keep running until I find some reason to stop...Here is what happened.

The wind was blowing through his long blonde hair. The young hansom 17 year old was standing next to the entrance. You could just see by the look on his face that he was nervous. What was he waiting for....? "Sean..! Sean, are you alright" Sean slowly turned his head to look at the woman running to him, she was about half his height with quite big hips, her breasts where emphasized by her tight red top. There was blood running down the top of his head. Just above his right eye brow. "God.., what happened to you. I just heard from Ash..." His face was red, it was a mixture of emotions anger and sadness. "I was hit. Ash hit me Nicky. He found out and he hit me. I could have told him and now that he knows he is doing exactly what I said he would. He has turned against me, and everyone else will too." Her eyes where filling up slowly and when she blinked a slight stream of crystal came from her eyes. She was crying. "They won't. I won't. Will won't" A slight smile appeared on his face as he lent over and embraced her in his arms. "It's alright Nicky I know what I am going to do." His face was serious now, Nicky looked up. She looked deep into his eyes, into his soul. Piercing it, she had a feeling what he meant was bad. "W..what are you going to do..?" He turned his back to her looking up into the sky. "It is time for me to leave...I have been planning this for a very long time, you'll have to ask our other half if you want to know what I mean. Don't hold it against him though. I made him keep it to himself....." Nicky cut him off. "Sean. I do not care, you don't have to leave. We can sort it out what ever it is. He will forgive you I am sure of it, he always does." Sean's face turned angry again. "You have no idea do you. It's not that type of thing. You will understand later...." As soon as he had finished what he was saying he started to walk away from her. "Just let me be." She looked down at her feet muttering "....okies" under her breath, she didn't know why but she understood some how what he meant. She slowly reached down pulling her phone out of her pocket dialing Will's number. Her face was shocked as she heard the truth coming out of his mouth into her ears. She hung up the phone and ran after Sean. He was gone. No where to be seen. How could he have gone so far in that short amount of time......

Should I continue....?