Where was he running to, he had no idea. All he knew that he couldn't stay. This thing that now had leaked out had changed his life. He had feelings that he couldn't control and feelings that he didn't won't. He knew this day would come, Sean knew. The boy made his own arrangements. He had planned to leave for a long while. That was all dreams though, he never thought it would come to this. Sean thought he could just hide it away until he was old enough to leave for Japan where he could get his martial arts lessons. Then come back in many years to come fully trained and able to show the fact off that he had done something with his life. This was not possible now. It was too early. Sean slumped down at the edge of the road. He was so tired from running, he was at least a mile away from the area where it all kicked off. Sean put his head in his hands which where resting against his knees and he began to cry. Warm salty tears ran down his cheeks he felt so alone. He started to think. How can someone do that to you, the amount of stuff he had let his friend get away with and this is what happens. Time for something to be done. Revenge, he decided revenge could be the only thing left. Very slowly he looked up, rain started to fall faster and faster. Slowly he stood up, rage was surging through his body. A quick flash of lightning, then the loud rumble of thunder followed. It fit the picture well. It felt like, to him, that he was causing it. Sean was into all of the Wicca religion and he had no doubt in his mind that he could do his revenge to Ash and not even be close to him. That was not good enough though. He wanted to see the pain on his face. Anger took control him, the timid shy person had gone and the insane one left had taken control. Sean had gone, maybe for good. As quick as this thought had entered his head he had turned towards the direction of town and had started to walk. He needed supplies.