He had something that no one could explain.

When he walked in, he made heads turn but for some unknown reason, he never seemed to notice. He was the type of person people like to flock to and he was the type that would never deign to even care about it.

He simply didn't see it.

He would stroll down the school corridors without saying a word. He would lean against the walls and close his eyes, paying attention to only the music blaring out of his discman.

Girls loved him for what they saw. His dark hair, messy because he was careless, hung over black eyes and pale skin. His slender build, his tall height and his regular figures made them all swoon in delight. His mysterious silence, his "I-don't-give-a-fuck" aura, the way his jeans fell low on his hips, the fact he never smiled, drove all those girls silly with lust.

Guys loved him for what he appeared as. Some silent, dark and cool rebel, who would skip class more than often and still manage to get top grades. The heavy chain-smoker who always seemed elsewhere and who had all the chicks panting after him. He was a guy they decided to admire instead of hate because hating him amounted to nothing: he ignored it. So they all settled on trying to befriend the "Prince".

He likes to tell me I'm his alter but really, being a girl, I was called either a freak or a frigid bitch.

The day I officially met him was sunny and bright. I had found refuge under the school bleachers and, ignoring the grunts and shouts coming from the football field, was smoking as if my last day had come. It was a stupid thing to do because, really, how the fuck was I ever going to be able to walk home after that was a mystery.

Like I fucking cared anyway.

I liked never going home. I often slept on a bench in the park or under a bridge. Not that I was a modern angsty teenager, running away at every chance I got then come back, broke, to the parents with the meek resolution to hate them forever. It just didn't matter because as long as I had decent grades and didn't make a fuss, my parents let me do whatever the hell I pleased. Having six brothers and sisters with fundamental problems did the trick.

- What are you doing here?

I looked up to meet the Prince's gaze. I don't think I even knew his name back then. I never thought of him and when he was mentioned by the others, it was always by that nickname: the Prince.

My eyes shifted back to the cigarette bums at my feet as well as the half- joint still burning in my hand. It was pretty obvious what I was doing, wasn't it.

- This is my spot, he continued in a cold voice. - Tough luck, it's mine too, I replied, taking a long drag.

I wasn't going to take any shit from a popular and trendy loner. What did he think, that the whole world was at his feet? That at a word from him, I would bow down in apologies then run off? No fucking way.

He didn't say anything but sat down next to me. From where I was, I couldn't see his face as his bangs where covering half of it. His calm was innerving me and his presence was spoiling my quality time alone.

- Are you trying to make me go by staying there like a dimwit? I finally asked after several minutes of silence. - No.

This was becoming some sort of silly stubbornness on my part. Though he apparently forgot about me and lighted a cigarette while staring elsewhere, I was annoyed by his being there but didn't want to leave. I finished my joint and hid it under a pile of leaves. I was too stoned to think properly anyway so I amused myself with the sand and twigs lying around me.

- Are you going to sleep here? He casually asked. - What? - You always stay outdoors, don't you? - None of your business.

He shrugged.

- Do you want a cig? - Ya.. Thanks.

He lighted it for me while coolly scrutinizing my features. I was used to people staring at me but not that attentively. I turned my back to him while pretending to search something in my bag.

- Don't you love the sky?

I was surprised at this random outburst but I could only agree. It wasn't the ordinary sunset, with clashing reds and oranges. It was a mellow blue streaked with purple and hot pink lines glowering over the trees from afar.

- I prefer sunrises, I heard myself unwillingly say. - Then I prefer when it's midnight.

I turned my head back towards him and saw this special smile he has, using only his eyes. He looked straight back at me then concentrated on his cigarette which he flicked away.

We then kept silent. I got used to his presence and didn't bother about him anymore. He didn't move from his initial sitting position and we just smoked cigarette on cigarette with the occasional joint to keep us high.

Hours passed by and we still didn't utter a word.

- Don't you have to go home? I finally asked, regretting to end this unusual meeting. - Do you? - No. - Then why should I? He replied with a shrug. - Maybe your parents.. - Hush, he whispered sharply, putting his hand over my mouth.

I started, not knowing if it were because I could suddenly hear the motor of a car or his abrupt touch. His breath was steadily kept in control but I could hear his heart thumping in his chest. What the hell was that about?

I leaned a little and caught a glimpse of a big break driving over the football field and making wide circles to illuminate the area with its big headlights. I began to feel scared. Prince was apparently tense which didn't stick with his usual calm attitude.

As the car drove nearer us, he pushed me to the ground and with a muffled cry of surprise, I somehow landed underneath him. His eyes were wide with apprehension and a strange sort of defying mockery, as if they were taunting the person to come closer. Nevertheless, he sighed with relief when the car drove away.

- It was my tutor, he stated simply.

I think neither of us wanted to talk about it so we continued to smoke while looking at the stars.