One Last Time

Babe of the white light, call not my name quite yet

For I am not yet ready, the sun has not yet set.

Babe of the crimson light, calm your tortured thoughts

For the tide is not yet upon us, the sky the moon hath not brought

Babe of the azure light, whisper not those sweet, sweet words

For the lands are not yet ready to bear their earthly curds
Babe of the chartreuse light, sing sweetly just once more

For I need those words to guide me over shining sea and shore

Babe of the olive light bear down your fruit so fine

For I know not the coldness of winter's harshest vines

Babe of the ginger light be not such the foe

For many a-time I have bask in the safety of your warmest glow.

Babe of the violet light, envelope me in your darkest veil

For soon under its protection St. Peter I must hail

Babe of the ebony light, take from me my last breath

For in crossing from light to dark, I've finally reached my death