Starless nights and reddened moons

We see but we are blind

The truth hidden behind the lies

Dirty smiles and secret trials

The ground will swallow us up in the end

The bubble of our lives shatter to pieces

And the despair is ceaseless

The smiling facade cracks

Laughing as you bleed

Can't you see my insanity is true?

The rain will go on and on

And summer will turn to fall

It's an endless cycle

A circle that never ends

We live, we die

We all live in crime

Can you feel it day by day?

As it grows inside you

The pounding in your head

The voices in your mind

Imaginary can just as good as reality

You love silence yet find silence unbearable

Finding pleasure in your own thoughts

The sickening truth

No one knows you, but you

You will always feel them laughing behind you

Life seems too real

Laughing at your own state of mind

You shower yourself in the cries

It's just a cycle