We hadn't been on a family vacation in about four years, back when my brother and I were twelve. Our parent's thought that it would be nice to get back to basics, do some of the stuff that might be absent from our childhood. Such as going to Disneyland. The thought of going to California was exciting, at first, but the realization that we would be at Disneyland sunk in shortly and it was too late to turn back later that week when we stood as a 'family' in that cramped gray ramp to the airplane. Apparently a family vacation didn't include our older brother who had gone to Mexico for spring break.

So then there we were, long after the four hour flight from Dayton airport to California. Long after the stupid comments and puns about how "Dayton" is almost "Daytona". Long after the taxi ride to the hotel with Jake's hand in my pocket. Even long after the excitement we shared to see that we were 'forced' to share a bed, there we were. Alone, him and I. Well alone as one could be on a Disneyland ride. On the Disneyland It's a Small World ride for that matter. At least we were alone there on our own bench of the ride. Two people in front on a bench, and two behind.

It was dark there in the ride, and kind of cold. We waited in line for less then three minutes it seemed. Apparently not many people wanted to sit on a hard cold bench and listen to mechanical children sing about… whatever they sang about. I never really listened much, just tried to decide what country I thought each little set of mechanical kids were from.

It wasn't too endearing. Stepping into the little wooden boat as it tipped slightly and continued to rock from side to side even after we had settled onto the middle bench seat. In front of us were two little kids, both boys and they looked similar as though they could be brothers or even twins. I enjoyed just staring at them for awhile, imagining it was Jake and I a few years back. Although we were now 16 and felt grown up… I knew we were both still kids at heart, and maybe taking this 'family' vacation wasn't such a bad idea.

It was time for me to be alone with Jake in reality. We got our own hotel room and were 'forced' to share one bed. The place ride to California was fun, we sat in those rough airplane chairs for four hours playing little words games and commenting on magazine pictures and articles if we decided to read anything. Jake actually brought a book on the plane to read. He is intellectual like that, and enjoys reading if he gets his pick of the book. After he finished it I read a few pages in and lost interest. There was probably some sex in it or something, that usual constitutes that books he reads, and which ones he discards. I'd much rather skip straight to the sex but he enjoys the plot lines.

I was brought back to the reality of the little wooden boat when it started to rock again as a young couple climbed into the seat behind us. Jake nudged me with his shoulder and I knew exactly what he was thinking. Newlyweds. It's amazing to be able to have that kind of connection with someone. At least it seems pretty amazing, I've been accustomed to it my whole life, the ability to look into my other half's eyes and know exactly what is going on behind them. It is what makes not knowing what he is thinking so scary, when for others it is just a normal thing.

When the little boat started to move forward I wondered why we even decided to get on it in the first place. Disneyland wasn't completely void of good rides. Then as we entered that dark tunnel of it's a small world and felt the darkness cover our skin completely, to the point there I could hardly see Jake, I could make out a yellowish in the white's of his eyes. Then I felt the coolness and I was very happy we decided on this ride.

I began to feel the immature rise up in side of me, the little kid that didn't want to be alone came out, the little kid who was just slightly afraid of the dark and didn't want to admit it, the little kid who sometimes said it was the dark that made him want to sleep in his twin brother's bed with him, when in reality the dark didn't bother him all that much, in fact it gave him some tranquility and peace. It gave him a break from the calamity of colors in the real world. Nothing was wrong with sharing that solstice with your brother though, it was just as valid with him skin next to yours as it was when you were alone.

Again I came back to reality when the dark was shattered by sudden light and sound as the little children began to sing to our left and right. The boat was moving at an insanely slow pace and I was content just to slump in the bench and stare at my feet. I felt Jake move closer and was very comfortable although I wished we had chosen a back seat instead of a middle one so that there was nobody behind us to see anything we did. Jake obviously didn't care when he took my hand into his. I was surprised to feel his lips at my ear and jolted slightly shaking the boat and disrupting the couple behind us from making out for a few seconds. The little boys in front of us that reminded me so much of Jake and I giggled and squealed with the boat tilted slightly. I felt little bursts of air against my ear as Jake laughed slightly too before finally speaking, whispering although nobody else would have been able to hear him.

"Let's get out of here." I didn't even have to say anything back, he could obviously see the confusion scribbled in my cloudy eyes as I turned to face him. Through the flashing lights raining across his face, it was comical to see his eyebrows raise ever so slightly up on his forehead. I knew the newlyweds behind us wouldn't noticed when we left, and even if the little boys did, they couldn't do anything about it which was sad but true. Little kids had no power, I doubt they would have wanted to anyways, they probably thought it was something adventurous and then would consider doing it themselves. Climb out of that little wooden bout that is.

Because it is exactly what we did. Jake gripped a little tighter to my hand and pulled me up as slowly as possible so as not to shake the boat too much, it was moving slowly enough that we could step off without being in danger of tripping. Jake stepped off first and helped me off, walking slowly along with the boat still holding onto my hand. I lost my footing just a bit and one of my feet landed in the water. The water was up to my ankles and that was it. I found it hilarious and starting laughing. Jake grabbed my wrist and spun me around to cover my mouth with his hand.

He made sure to press himself up against me as firmly as possible, but wouldn't let go so I pushed my tongue out of my mouth and onto his hand. It tasted salty with sweat from running around Disneyland all day long. He let it slid off of my lips and I could feel my own spit on my skin as he ran his hand along me to join his other one that was now around my waist. He walked backwards with me stumbling after him to keep his arms around me but careful not trip over his feet.

We found ourselves next to two little children that looked to be from Germany. The girl had a little dress on with stitching that looked like what the stereotypical German girl dress would look like. If that wasn't enough to tip us off, the German flag lighting up behind them was plenty. I actually hadn't noticed that it was the German flag, I wasn't smart enough to know what the German flag looked like but Jake was careful to point it out and press his crotch into me further as he did it.

As I shifted myself so I could be facing Jake, he moved his hands to the small of my back and rubbed and pushed just where I loved for his to rub and push in the small of my back. I was just starting to tune out the annoying voices of all those little worldly children when we heard laughter of little kids in a boat about to come around the corner. Hardly making it behind the two German kids, we fell and Jake let some curse slip when he twisted his ankle. It was one of those weird twin things again. I knew instantly that he had hurt his ankle, I knew it wasn't his wrist or his shin. It was his ankle.

I was glad to be behind the little German mechanical kids, I couldn't see them this way, just all the wirings. Those little mechanical kids were creepy, especially when they blinked. It was also darker behind them than out in the open where the boats and passengers could see us, not to mention there was a perfect space for us to sit side by side and have something to lean against. After running around the park all day it was nice to sit in the dark and rest for awhile.

Jake's ankle was fine and we settled into a pattern of silence and simultaneous breathing. I could feel that when he exhaled I inhaled, and when he inhaled I exhaled. I played with my breathing, making so I was inhaling and exhaling exactly when he was and he caught on, soon messing me up, catching his breath causing me to stumble over my own. The whole side of our bodies were touching. From shoulder to elbow to wrist to hips to thighs to ankles.

He leaned his head near to me and I could feel his hair against my ear, I could hear it scratching against my skin and I tried to start up the breathing games again but he would have none of that., tilting his head forwards and sideways so that our cheeks were touching and he could rub his against mine. This was something we did and we both liked it. He moved his cheek slow and soon was pushing himself against me to the point where I was being pushed down. I let him push me over onto my side then my back.

I was lying in a perfect spot, completely open. Nothing was underneath me to dig into my back and the wooden floor wasn't too hard against the back of my head. Jake moved up against me so his cheek could be against mine again. He pushed and rubbed some more moving his hands along my shoulders to my elbows and held my arms down at my sides, rubbing his thumbs roughly into the tender skin of my inner elbow. When I muffled a moan he noticed and nudged one of his knees between my legs. I knew just what was coming. He let his whole body move up so his hair was hanging in my face and I could see his open lips. One knee was still between my legs, dangerously close to my crotch and the other on the outside of my legs. His hands weren't pushing my arms to the ground by my sides anymore, just propping himself up.

That knee between my legs inched up slowly to rest against my tightening pants and I saw his lips start to glisten with spit. He closed them for just a minute to pull saliva from his cheeks and throat. When he had conjured up enough it was there on his lips and falling down onto me, almost in between my own lips. I could feel it though, wet and cold attracting the air to my tender flesh. He leaned close to me. His lips were touching mine but he wasn't kissing me, just resting his lips against mine.

"Do it." When he spoke the spit slicked between our lips and I swallowed some of it. I pushed my tongue up to lick my own lips taking in more of it, licking his while I was at it. They were still against mine. He wanted me to moan. "Come on." when he spoke this time he pushed his knee rough against my crotch and I gave him what he wanted, moaning up and into his mouth. "mmmhmm." and his mouth was against mine hard, kissing me, swallowing me, tasting me. He sucked my tongue into his mouth and scraped his teeth along the top of it making me shudder and moan again.

He loved it so much when I moaned and I could feel how much he was loving it against my leg, He moved up my body more and grinded against me hard. Holding onto the belt loop of my jeans and moving his cheek against mine to rub and push more he grinded into me harder and harder.

"Come on." his lips were there against my ear again, wet and insistent. His teeth were scraping now against my neck and I managed to choke down another moan. No matter how much he loved to hear me acknowledge my pleasure, I could never find myself comfortable enough to be very open about it. His hand moved from clutching my belt loop, to between our bodies to my fly pushing down hard while he slowly dragged it down over my sensitive crotch. "Do it." and I did, I let it slip just for him, and I let my mouth hang open for added effect, breathing in rough so he could hear that too. "yeah…"

After unzipping and unbuttoning my pants he did his own and rolled us over so that I was on top of him. I had pushed my pants and boxers aside while his lay around his ankles. I sat up on him and held our dicks tightly together. His eyes were hardly open. I could make out a spot of brown between the eyelashes of them and bit my tongue to put on a show for him.

"Do it." he said it again. This time he didn't want me to moan. He pulled me down to him so he could rub his cheek against mine, spreading his legs and pushing his knees up so that most of my body rested in between him, he cradled me.

"Oh yeah?" I pushed my cheek back against his and slid two of my fingers against his bottom lip before pushing them into his mouth, letting his tongue slid around them then in between until they were dripping and almost wrinkly as though I just took a long hot bath. I had pulled them out but let them rest there against his lips. Just waiting.

"Come on." He wanted it. I moved my fingers down between his legs and pushed one into him, his whole body arched and he pushed back against my finger until it couldn't go any further. I twisted it around watching his face twist around as well. He was holding onto his dick with one of his hands but not stroking himself. His thumb rested on top of the head and I could see the precum seeping out from underneath it.

I pulled my finger out and let it slid back in accompanied by the second one. He bit his lip and his eyelids went white from being squeezed shut so tightly. I pushed them in as I had the first time, as far as they would go and his body met with them, pushing against me. I twisted them around and noticed him swallowing down moans in tight gulps, hardly finding time to breathe.

"Come on." I moved my body against his, making sure to keep my fingers inside of him but didn't move them anymore. His eyes shot open and he licked his lips, panting slightly. He took his hand away from his cock and moved it over to mine, causing my eyelids to falter for a moment, forgetting my mission for that instant when he started to stroke me. "Do it." I slid my fingers out and jammed them back into him to the point where it must have been painful but he just arched his back and gave me a thick moan, squeezing onto my dick as though for his own support. I wanted to choke down my own moan but it slipped right into his ear, he didn't even have to ask me for it.

Pushing his cheek against mine I could feel his lips in a smile, I could feel his teeth against my skin, and I knew he could feel my eyelashes. All the ways he liked it. In the next few moments we finished each other off. I knew just where to touch him on the inside so he couldn't hold onto himself anymore and he knew just how to pull and squeeze me so that I couldn't even consider hiding my pleasure. I asked him to moan for me one more time, when I knew that he was almost finished, about to come and stain all the wires and painted boards surrounding us.

"Come on Jakey, one more time for me." He fidgeted underneath me and moved close to my face to moan it slowly and deliberately before scraping his teeth along my cheek and coming, me following him shortly to stain our surroundings as well.

"mmmm… Tony."