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…"Follow the sweetest song
Rise over treetops to greet the dawn
Dance as your heart plays on
Long may your dream be your island
A harbor to rest the soul
Fair winds to calm the soul
When your heart leads the journey love
You will have all you need
Someday you'll find your dream
The paradise meant to be…"
~Laura Powers

A soft, crisp breeze swept the land as leaves fell delicately from the trees.  It was autumn.  The time when frost kissed the pumpkins, leaves turned to gold and joined with their fate upon the grass; and the nights turned cold- as the summer was almost ready to give up her fight, making way for winter himself.

Among this beauty sat a lone, young maiden- none older than her late twenties, as locks of jet black hair swayed with the breeze- almost as if the two were entwined in a mystical dance, as she started listlessly onto the peaceful, babbling brook just inches from where she was sitting.

Outside, she might have been alive; but inside- she was dead.  A lost love and a broken heart had sent her once bright and free spirit into exile- leaving just a mere shadow of what used to be.  A fragile, almost lonely dreamer- hanging on by one last string of life.

She sighed, the wind from the autumn day causing the water to make some slight waves as the maiden shivered slightly- rubbing the sleeves of her light purple, cotton shirt as she tried to warm up- though not caring if anything happened to her right now as she continued to stare; blocking out all that was around her.

She was about to get up and head back, when a cheerful, feminine voice broke her intentions.

"Hello, down there!"

The maiden didn't even crack a smile as she turned around towards the other party- noticing a young, petal pink haired, and silver-eyed woman standing just on the hill above her.  Her long hair trailed in a wave down to her lower back as it was tied back in a loose, somewhat mussed ponytail.

She was dressed in a long, green velvet dress- but that being covered up- well, apart of it anyway- by her black, leather jacket.  What seemed to look like platform heels covered her feet, as around her neck was a crystal necklace- holding the symbol of what appeared to be a ball of light, as she smiled warmly at the black-haired woman before her.

She giggled, her voice soft and soothing, "Hi.  What are you doing down here?  It's getting dark out, and not many wander these parts at this hour."

The woman stayed expressionless, "I-I was just- just thinking, that's all."

"Thinking?  And you're not even wearing a jacket," the pink-haired woman made known, 'tsking' a bit out loud as she stepped up to the lady on the ground.

"Yeah, well, what's it to you?  Who are you anyway, my Mother?" the raven beauty shot back.

She wasn't in the mood to be ridiculed by total strangers.  Not to mention, she had still been in mourning of a lost love- so she wasn't in the best of moods anyway. 

"Hey, calm down.  Chill.  I wasn't trying to be hostile with you.  Honestly," the other female cut in, a look of concern in her pretty eyes.

"Then why get on my case about a jacket?"  the maiden spoke up.

"Because I saw you and was worried.  I noticed you shiver, that's all," the silver-eyed lady went on.

"Yeah, well, I'm fine," the woman snapped.

The pink-haired woman nodded, "As you wish.  But before you go off and tell me to jump into a cold lake- may I ask the name of the maiden that sits here before me?"

The young woman paused for a moment, debating on weather she should give out her name to a complete stranger.  She stayed still for a second, speaking in a shy and reserved voice.  Almost like that of a lost child- meeting the eyes of the other woman finally.

"It-it's Ameia-"

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