~*~ And lastly, we have reached our final character in this story.  ^-^ Hope you all like the previous three, and now may I introduce: ~*~

~Solistria Colette Whiterain's age is unknown.  Being an angel, she is immortal- so one can never tell her true age.  Her hair is petal pink, and wavy, as it tumbles just a bit past her mid-back.  Her eyes are silver, and her voice carries a slight French accent.  She is thin; but not as thin as Fiona; and much stronger than what she looks.  She is also quite the femme; wearing the usual make-up and dresses- but she is also a tough fighter, and not afraid to take on anything.  She stands at about 5'5", and is usually seen as sweet, caring, and all around fun woman to just chill, or paint the town with. ~

~*~I reach a gorgeous, ice blue lakeside house, as I walk up the black-topped driveway.  There, I am greeted by Mia, who again offers me a drink.  Once I am all set, she leads me outside onto the patio- where sits yet another female.  Mia excuses herself from the scene, and I approach the young woman kicked back on one of the lawn chairs: ~*~

IMD- Hey, there.  Nice to meet you, Solistria.

S-  ::breaks free from her trance and removes her pink sunshades::  The feeling's mutual, dude.  ::smiles::

IMD- Thanks.  ::takes a moment to look around:: Beautiful place you have here.

S- Mia and I chose it special.  We've had it for a while now.

IMD- Awwwh.  So sweet.  You and Mia have been through a lot together; and yet, you both are still going strong.  How do you girls do it?

S- Relationships are like anything- patience, understanding, and knowing that even through the tough times- you won't let your love be diminished by simple and meaningless things.  With being together, you both have a mutual knowledge that your love for the other party is eternal, and that you will never break that eternity.

IMD- You know a lot about love.

S-   It comes with experience.  Well, that and, I've had a lot of friends that have before me witnessed and gone through the ups and downs of being with someone.  I guess I learn kinda fast.  ::laughs warmly::

IMD- Indeed.  But I also know that you're an angel.  Tell me, what do you think of your job outside of the home?  Is it rewarding in your eyes?

S- I think it is.  I mean, you kind of have to be dead to work for the Silver Abyss; but all in all; I like what I do.  It's rewarding, and you get to explore new things that you never thought possible.  And you get magic.

IMD- That must be cool.  Though there has to be a lot of responsibility to everything.  Tell me, working for the kingdom- what would you say was the most challenging obstacle you've had to approach?

S- Getting rid of Morgana.  I'd have to definitely say that.  I mean, it was a battle for good and evil.  One wrong move and the Kingdom of Light would have been destroyed forever.  So, yeah.  Morgana.

IMD- Well, I'm glad you all ended up winning.  But that brings me to another statement.  Mia.  I know when you first met her- she seemed cold and distant.  What drew you into saying hi to her?

S- Well, I saw something in her that I couldn't in anyone else, really.  It's hard to explain, but I felt a connection.  And even if she had up and smacked me; I still wouldn't have gone away, because I wanted to get to know her.

IMD- That's sweet.  But now I have to bring up a different issue.

S- What's that?

IMD- Willow.  I mean, I know right now she herself is seeming like the ice queen- and that I know she and Mia aren't exactly kindred spirits at this time.  But- tell me- what made you want to help and let her stay with you girls for a little while?  Knowing that she was a bit sarcastic to you at first.

S- Well, everyone can be sarcastic sometimes.  It's what's deep in your heart that counts.  And that's what I did with Willow.  I looked beyond what she was showing on the outside.  And I see a lot of sweetness in her- it's just been locked up and ignored because of losing her wife.

IMD- You seem like a helpful person, Solis.

S- I try to be.  You see, this world needs more love and attention; versus the hate and discontent that it faces today.  I figure that if I can make a diff in one person's life- then I know that I did my job here on this planet.

IMD-  ::nods::  I couldn't agree more.  But getting past all that; and talking more about you as a person.  You seem to have a lot of experience with love; yet, you never mentioned anyone else in your life aside from Mia herself.  Was she the first?  Or were there others?

S-  ::laughs a bit::  Oh, wow.  Um- ::laughs once more, clearing her throat a bit::  There were more.  I mean, I had had a few girlfriends in my day.  My first lasted for only a month.  She and I split due to herself falling into the wrong crowds; and of course, I had found out she had been cheating on me the whole time.

IMD- Ouch.

S- Yeah.  But the rest were better.  I mean, I had dated and such on and off; but nothing serious- well, until I met Mia, of course.  ::smiles::

IMD- I understand. 

S- See, it's all about learning from your mistakes.  If you get your heartbroken- you take a little time to mourn; as it does hurt for a little while- but then go back out there and try again.  It shows the one you parted ways with that they didn't destroy you as a whole.

IMD- That's true.  But Solis, just a few more questions, and then I'll let you go.

S- Sure.

IMD- What was really up with being called 'Sarah?'  I mean, why was your name so dangerous to use when on Earth?

S- Dear, you'd be surprised at how often I get that one.  And it's simple, really.  Back when I was younger; I was indeed a Devil Slayer; and to blend in with the normal run of things on Earth- where I was staying at the time; I needed to create a more normal name than Solistria.  So one day I randomly was cleaning my apartment; and the name 'Sarah' just entered my thoughts.  And since I needed something commonly known, and not too exotic, ((Mind you, this is to prevent possible slayers of angels to come after me.  Trust me, there are some out there;))  I just figured I'd keep that name around for a while.  And I did.

IMD- But you're not 'Sarah' anymore.  What happened to make you get rid of that name?

S- When I gave up my slayer days; I just decided to drop it.  I started signing my paperwork and such with my real name- and no one seemed to notice.  If they asked; I'd lie and say that it was my full name, and 'Sarah' was a nickname.  Luckily, they were; and I hate to use this word- but stupid enough to believe that story.

IMD- But you were best friends with Zoicite.

S- She never knew my real name until recently.  When I 'came out' if you will, to Star and such.  After the 'Morgana showdown;'  and everything was back to normal, I confessed it to Zoic of who I was and everything, and explained the entire story as to why I had tried to kill her all that time ago.

IMD- Why did you try to kill her all that time ago?

S- Because I was stupid.  I was brought up to hate devils; and I guess my upbringings got the best of me that day.  I really didn't realize what I had tried to do until Zoic yelled at me, and broke off our friendship.  It was beyond my control, really.

IMD- I see.  Okay, so the last two questions; and I promise this is it.

S-  ::laughs::  Take your time.  ::smiles::

IMD- This one's gonna be random.  But- what do you think you're gonna do after this interview is over?

S- Oh, wow.  ::laughs softly::  I'm not sure.  Um-  ::thinks::  I guess I might stay out here a bit longer- and then go see what Mia's up to.  Spend some time with her, you know?  Then maybe talk her into going out to dinner.  I feel like getting out a bit tonight.

IMD- Awwwh.  That's so sweet. 

S-  ::smiles::

IMD- But final question; and this one's pretty interesting:  If the world were to end tomorrow; and you had the final chance to do something you've always wanted- no matter what it was- what would you do?  And why?

S-  ::blushes slightly::  She's gonna make me say something. Wow.  Mystique, I'm really shy about this.  I mean, I don't know if I can say without laughing.

IMD- Awwwh.  Well, try your best.  For the fans and everything.

S-  ::laughs and gazes onto the floor::  All right.  ::coughs a bit::  Well, not many know this about me; as they see me as so laid-back, and not one to do this sort of thing- but- I've kinda- always wanted to dance on the moon.  I mean, I know it's impossible- but you said 'anything' so I figured I'd tell the truth.  I'd love to feel the weightlessness beneath me; and all the stars so close and personal.  It would be my ultimate thrill seek.