3 Hands and a Foot

First Hand

//Recommended song for this chapter : Around the World, by ATC, and Like a Prayer, by Madonna. Why? Just listen to the damn music!//

Shane stumbled out of his bed onto a heap of dirty clothes, and a box of leftover chinese takeout. Groaning, he ran one hand throw his blond hair and scratched at his aching member with the other. His head pounded from the music at the part the night before, and all he could remember is something about...a hand? Or, was it a foot? Well, either way, he couldn't remember, so how important could it be?

Shambling to the bathroom, he stripped off his red boxers and left them on the floor. Not bothering to so much as close the door, he turned on the shower, leaned against the wall, and let the hot water wash over him. A thin layer of dirt faded, leaving only his bronzed complexion.

Suddenly, his alarm went off, nearly knocking him backwards. Mumbling something along the lines of 'mother fucking piece of shit', he stepped out of the shower and, without drying, returned to his room to turn it off. A trail of shampoo lather and water marked his path, and if anyone were to step in at that moment, they would think he was an absolute slob. That is, of course, if they didn't notice his deep green eyes, smooth skin, perfect muscles, and erect -

'Shane! You filthy slob! If I get evicted because of you, I swear to God I'll tear you a new asshole!'

Standing in his doorway was Glenn, his roommate, who Shane found himself surprisingly attracted to. He had a skater-punk look, with his studded wristbands and, occaisonally, collar, and his shaggy bleached hair sent shivers up his sex every time he saw him, shirt or no. Luckily, in this case, there was no shirt. Glenn's washboard stomach and pecs nearly dropped Shane's jaw, till he remembered Glenn didn't 'like boys like that'. Damn, cuz you can tear me a new asshole anyday.

Shaking his wet hair to prove his defiance, Shane walked casually back to the shower, where, for the next five minutes, he vigorously recalled every detail of Glenn's body before turning off the water. He dressed in front of the mirror, as usual, grooming himself like the girl he nearly was, yet the ringing in his ears and pounding headache prevented him from noticing a small mark on his left shoulder until he began to put on his shirt.

Shit, did I get a tattoo? He looked closer, and noticed the mark was actually a hand, with the middle finger raised. Well, atleast it fit his 'fuck-you' personality. Then he noticed a small heart on the palm, and his head started to spin.

Suddenly, the whole night came back to him. He could remember everything. The three hands, of course! And that damn foot. Who thought up that stupid 'three-hands-foot' shit anyway? Of that, he could only remember some girl, what was it, Auska? Yea, that sounded right. Well, fuck, this made everything so much more complicated. And exciting!