3 Hands and a Foot

//Author's Note : As a pagan, and a caster of magic, I know spells don't (usually) work this way, nor do I advocate the use of magic of this type (some would call it 'black' or evil magic, I personally don't think magic works that way, but that's besides the point). I firmly believing such magic would be against free will, but hey, it's a story!//

What a Bet! - The Curse and Contest Part II

//Recommended song for this chapter : Start with some more Ours, or dark-somber music, and then progress your way to DDR's Boys, because it fits the theme.//

River turned the pouch over, emptying its contents on the table. A tattoo needle, bottles of red, blue, and yellow ink, a handful of ancient gold and silver coins, embossed with mystical symbols and patterns. She lifted one of the larger gold coins, displaying it in her palm to the boys. They stared at her curiously, then the coin, but noted nothing special about it.

'Silly boys, such easy targets.' Auska suppressed a giggle, and nodded to her friend. 'Now tell them about the contest! Make this one fun, River!'

Nodding back, River studied the coin, glaring into the reflection, concentrating on the magic and the glyphs. Without blinking, she set the coin in the center of the table and looked to the boys. 'Yes, boys, I have the game for you. The perfect game.'

She gestured toward the coin, and a thin tendril of smoke seemed to rise from the surface, now giving off a pale light. To anyone else, the light merely reflected off the gold, smoke from nearby drugs and cigarettes creating the illusion. But to the boys, and to Auska, a disembodied face formed.

'Glenn,' came the response, from the three boys, in unison. The predominate source of their mastubatory activities over the past year of college, Glenn represented the epitomy of everything they wanted but could never have. As they had all thought, and said -

'Son of a bitch! H-how did you do that?' The question came from Joel, the shortest of the group. 'This is some kind of...smoke and mirror trick, right? That's gotta be it!'

River only smiled, while Auska stared. Though a good friend of the latter, she had only witnessed her magic on a few occaisions, and each left her enchanted. When the other boys refused to speak, she continued with her spell. 'The contest is simple, boys. Glenn, one you all like, does not share your feelings. How would you like the chance to have him reciprocate love?'

Shane's eyes narrowed, gears obviously turning inside his head. The closest to Glenn, he lived with the most temptation. Literally. The current display of petty magic had piqued his interested, and he was quite willing to learn more. 'Go on...' He looked toward Nick and Joel, who nodded, if after a moments hestitation.

'Good. I'm glad I've whet your appetites. The contest is simple - the first boy here to find this...Glenn...and fuck him, wins. By any means, by any method.'

Nick gasped, Joel raised one eyebrow, and Shane stared. Auska broke into laughter, having seen such expressions before, though in different context. Different times, different spells, but River's magic always cast such a look on people, no matter the terms.

Nick started to speak, then stopped, then began again, clearly nervous. 'And what about...the two of us that lose?'

River looked to Auska, who's eyes immediately widened. Obviously, she had never had the privelage of announcing the pot of gold at the end of the, pun intended, rainbow. 'Whoever fucks him, wins his heart. The losers, with all sex must part.' She seemed giddy at her simple rhyme, smiling proudly. River nodded in satisfaction, but the gesture proved to be enough of a compliment for Auska.

'So, you're saying, that the losers can't have sex? For how long? And c'mon, how would you know, anyway?' Again, it was Shane's question. At first, he had hoped the magic to be real, but was clearly skeptical now.

'My magic will know. It is a curse you could not hope to break, but a price I expect you all willing to pay. And no, not forever. The curse fades when true love is found. But, I must eloborate on my assistants little rhyme, for all libido, not just sex, will be lost. If you take my hint.' She winked, and the three boys sat back, shocked. Like they could hope to go a night without release, much less till finding 'true love'.

'I'm in.'

'Me too, I guess. I doubt it's real, though.'

Sighing, the last, Shane agreed. 'I don't believe it either, but I'll give it a shot. Better be worth it.'

Auska chuckled again, 'Like three hands groping for the same foot, these boys. This ought to be interesting, eh, River?'

'Take off your shirts. All of you.' River picked up the tattoo needle, and began mixing her ink. The boys stripped off their shirts one by one, revealing smooth, lean torsos. Auska watched enviously as River tattooed each in turn, jealous that such hot guys were beyond her reach.

And the evening came to an end, the three boys woke, remembering little of the night before...