That Angel
4 Jolene

U remind me of an angel
I 1ce new n a past life
only this time u might
truly be the 1 & I might even do it right
those beautiful hazel eyes sparkle
like stars illuminating the twilight
déjà vu like a mutha fuck.
c'mon, shorty,
let me get lost in ur eyes for at least just a night
by letting u kno how I feel,
I mean no disrespect
I just really wanna get 2 kno u at least as friends
Hopefully more, but nuthin less
4 me tho, It'll be a test…
2 keep my attraction for you n check
it'll b hard 2 keep my gaze from urs
'specially cause you gotta home
that I don't wanna c wrecked
But, girl, it'll be hard cause ur eyes r so hypnotizing
& ur smile is so enchanting,
Ur positive, happy spirit is contagious
& I think I'm catchin'
I knew it the day we met,
When u had me @ hello, then u smiled
N those gorgeous eyes sparkled…
It's just like that past life… you know…
the 1 where I met that angel…