My View of the World

            The world has changed. When I was young, I never thought the world would be so violent and full of hatred. I was too naïve to even understand why all this went on. The world was a place that I thought was full of happy people like my family; I was wrong.

            Now that I'm older and more mature, I understand that the world isn't what I thought it would be. It's a world full of discrimination, hatred, violence, racism, terror, and so on. I was too young to understand all that. I love the Earth but many see it as a worthless lump of rock, a little mud ball of a planet, and a world that shouldn't be around.

            I have met people of all kinds of backgrounds. Many have been discriminated for what they are. I've met people who see the human race as a disease when they don't realize that they are a disease to others. Some people feel that they are alone in this world when they don't realize they're not alone.

            Night after night, I wish that there was a world where no one would live in fear, hatred, discrimination, drugs, and so forth. But I know that world will never come anytime soon. I also wish that there would be more people, like myself, who see the Earth for its beauty and not abuse it. I also wish there were more people like me who don't see people for their differences but as for what makes them the same. The one thing that everyone is the same is that they are human. They are not several races; they are one race called the human race.

            War is like an endless maze that no one can get out of. In the east, war is everywhere and no one is safe, not even a child. I know what sorrow is and war is full of it. I know war can't be prevented but I know it can end if people would just settle their differences and work together.

            Music has also changed since I was growing up. Musicians I once liked have become hated and judged badly. Some end up being something I never thought they were. The music itself has turned into horrible words that don't speak from the heart anymore. Music has changed from soul music to horrible music told from the brain.

            The world I live in is a world I try to cope with. Many treat me like I'm not a person when they don't even know what I'm like. Others treat me like one of them but share their feelings in ways that I never thought possible that make me feel uncomfortable. That's why I keep wishing for a world of paradise and peace. I know that day will come but for now, I must wait until that day comes.