Part Seven

Tanya snuggled there in the big bed, enjoying the feeling of having someone laying so close to her. The sunlight streamed through the window, splashing across the bed and teasing her up to wakefulness. The gorgeous blonde slid a bit closer to her companion, enjoying that warmth until she began to awaken. She opened her eyes drowsily, trying to kick in her brain then she stiffened as she fully registered who slept there beside her.

Erica had a sweetly contented smile on her handsome face, her short black hair sticking up messily. The boyishly slim woman was naked, her strong arms gently wrapped around Tanya's body, a soft rumbling coming from her chest as she slept.

'How did this....' Tanya thought before the memories of last night came rushing back. The night out together, dinner in her kitchen then... the kiss. Her cheeks went deep red as what happened afterward filled her thoughts, a night of gentle and sometimes passionate lovemaking.

Tanya wasn't an innocent little virgin, of course. She knew about sex, she'd had some experience with men but last night had been a revelation. Not only was Erica a imaginative and passionate lover but she herself discovered a deep and fiery passion. As often as Erica had been the aggressor Tanya had taken that role to her partner's obvious delight.

Looking up Tanya studied the sleeping woman, trying to understand how she had been able to work such magic on her. Asleep Erica's face was so gentle, much softer than when she was awake and Tanya felt protective, somehow. She snuggled closer then felt Erica's strong arms tighten slightly around her body reflexedly.

Tanya saw those dark eyes were open and smiled, "Good morning."

"Morning," Erica's gaze was warm, her eyes filled with caring. Hesitantly she quietly asked, "Are you all right?"

"I don't think I've ever been happier," Tanya replied honestly, letting her own arms wrap around Erica's slender body.

Erica's serious expression eased into a happy little smile. "Me, too," she admitted, letting herself relax in the other woman's arms.

Tanya decided that she didn't care what time it was, she was going to stay in bed with Erica as long as she would let her. She noticed an mildly amused expression on Erica's face and asked, "What are you thinking about?"

Erica reached out to run a hand through Tanya's silky hair as she murmured, "You look just like a cat that's gotten into the cream."

Tanya chuckled at the mental image that inspired in her. "I'd say we both got into the cream last night," she purred, enjoying the blush on Erica's face. She laughed softly, pulling back a bit to look at Erica better as she softly said, "I don't want this to be a one night stand."

"It's not," Erica said, gently grabbing Tanya's hand and squeezing it gently, "I mean, I don't want this to end." She smiled a bit sheepishly as she said, "I love you."

"Love you, too," Tanya answered, her cheeks red. It was so strange, telling a woman that she loved her yet it also felt so right, somehow.... Erica gave a happy little sigh, almost as if she hadn't been sure that Tanya would say that.

"If you want," Erica offered hesitantly, "we could still go through with Simon's plan, tell people we're not lovers at the debut and then keep this a secret."

"I don't think that I'm that good of an actress, love," A smiling Tanya just shook her head, "I can't look at you and not love you." Quite firmly she continued, "And I don't want to hide how I feel about you, not even for the sake of my film career."

"Thank you," Erica pulled her into a gentle kiss, both savoring the moment.

A soft giggle escaped from Erica and Tanya looked at her curiously, "What?"

"Simon is so going to say I told you so," Erica mused, softly relating a conversation that she and their director had had several weeks ago.

"Then maybe I ought to thank him," Tanya chuckled. She puffed out a sigh, "As much as I'd love to stay right here, I'm hungry. Care for breakfast?"

"That's the number two on my list of things that I'd like to eat right now," Erica pulled Tanya close to murmur into her ear.

Tanya's face went beet red.

Sometime later both women were wearing robes and in the kitchen, their bodies damp from the shower that they had recently shared. Erica flipped the eggs expertly as she said, "There's no better way to start a morning."

"You're insatiable," Tanya laughed, sounding pleased. She sat at the kitchen table watching Erica cook, "Are you going to do this every morning?"

"Cooking or...." Erica trailed off suggestively.

'She can be such a bad girl,' Tanya mused happily, 'I think I like it.' Aloud she said, "I think I'm going to need to call Brit later today."

"Eh?" Erica blinked.

"She's my friend as well as being my agent," Tanya sighed, thinking of her longtime friend's probable reaction to all this, "and she's going to need to know."

Erica slid the eggs onto two plates, carrying them over to set them down on the table. "How is she going to take it?" she asked as she kissed Tanya's cheek and set the plates down.

"Not well," Tanya sighed.

They dug into their food, both choosing to drop that conversation for the moment. Erica ate with a almost childlike enjoyment, cutting bits off egg off and dipping her toast into ketchup before eating both eagerly. Tanya felt such pleasure just watching Erica eat that she neglected her own food, Erica gently reminding her to eat up before it got cold.

"You mind if I call Simon up first?" Erica finally asked her, pushing her plate away before she burped softly.

Tanya chuckled, "I'll put it on the speaker phone, we can both hear what he has to say."

Simon was home, thankfully and he was in a good mood as he said, "I saw you two on 'Entertainment Now' and it looked great! I'm sure they thought you were really dating."

"We are, actually," Erica looked over at Tanya with love in her eyes as she declared, "Tanya and I are lovers."

There was a beat of dead silence. "Simon?" Tanya asked, looking over at Erica nervously.

"Congratulations," Simon laughed, "I think. You two do realize how much trouble we're all going to be in over this?"

Erica reached out to put her hand over on Tanya's, squeezing it gently. "To be entirely honest," she said, "I don't care about the trouble."

Tanya knew that things were going to be interesting over the next few weeks but she had to agree. "Me, too," she said aloud.

With amusement in his voice Simon said, "I ought to charge you a finder's fee, Erica."

"Maybe we'll invite you to the wedding reception instead," Tanya offered, seeing the pleased smile on Erica's face as she said that.

"I'll bring the wine," Simon laughed.

The night of the premiere was beautiful, the stars glinting in the sky and in the guests invited to the show. The controversy and rumors had drawn out most of the major entertainment shows along with actors and actresses hoping to mingle and make connections. Simon himself was in fine form as he presided over the media scrum, his brown hair expertly styled and glasses gleaming.

"I didn't choose them for the roles because they were lovers," Simon answered an question firmly, "they first met on the set." He straightened his stylish black suit as he added, "I was the one who introduced them, of course."

There was a sudden flash of cameras as the limo pulled up just as planned, stopping at the end of the red carpet. Erica's black suit fit her like a glove as she emerged from the back seat first, the squeals of fangirl's echoing as they took her in. Erica offered her hand and pulled Tanya out next, the blonde simply devastating in her custom made red dress. On each of their hands a simple gold ring gleamed, matching bands of gold.

Tanya scanned the crowd covertly and felt a flash of relief seeing Brit standing there in the guest's area. The fiery redhead hadn't taken Tanya's coming out well at all, so much so that they hadn't spoken for a week. It was a good sign that she was here and an even better one that she was talking to Erica's agent Max.

"Think he's giving her some 'Erica handling' tips?" Tanya asked softly.

"Wouldn't surprise me," Erica agreed. She looked up at the rush of reporters and murmured, "Uh oh, here we go."

A reporter for the National Examiner held out a microphone, her almost ferret like face eager as she asked, "What do you think of the rumors circulating about you? Any comment?"

"Do you want to?" Erica looked over at Tanya with a smile.

"I'd love to," Tanya laughed. She looked towards the reporters and said, "They aren't rumors, they're the truth."

The reporters were all stunned silent for a long moment. They had been expecting it all to be a publicity stunt, some kind of gag, that the two women were only pretending to see each other. Their simple confession threw them off badly.

"Ah," one reporter managed to recover enough to ask, "what's with the matching rings?"

"They're promise rings," Erica answered, fighting back a smile, "we intend to exchange them again when we get married in Hawaii early next year."

There was a much longer silence at that, then simply a bedlam of shouted questions. Tanya looked over at Erica and they shared a private smile as they waited for the noise to die down. 'It's going to be interesting,' Tanya held Erica's hand, their rings gleaming, 'but I'm looking forward to it.'


Final notes: This is pretty much where I planned to end this story but originally this would have had a few more chapters in between. I had planned on detailing Tanya'd difficulties with Brit, the coming out to her parents and other issues but I ultimately decided to close it off here. Of course I can always add on to this later, but it won't be for a bit. ^__^ I'd like to thank my regular readers for following this, as well as the new readers I've picked up.