The wind whistles in my ear
Spreading the letters of my name
It's so close and it's so near
But to my logic, it's just a game

An invisible yet skeletal hand
Reaches out to touch my icy side
When I turn round, a leaf lands
It has fallen, committed suicide

I'm sitting in class, alone and I see
The door handle slowly shake
Forget the logic, it can't just be me
They must all see this; they are awake

I look out of the window, waiting for relief
A cloud wisps by; I see your crying face
I search in my friend's eyes for any belief
The cloud has gone; the wind has quickened its pace

I run from the class, I don't care anymore
I know who you are, and why you came
I know that it was your heart that I tore
I guess I still live with the fear and shame