Days have shot past
Relationships don't last
Weeks have flown by

Once in year seven, oh so long ago
How time has gone, I really don't know
Looking so nervous and immensely shy
The only thing I have learned is wanting to die

I was once in year seven, four years ago
My eyes were bright and my cheeks had glow
Now I'm used up, worn out, the end
But to these years sevens, my sympathy I can lend

Looking at them now, sitting small
I'm sure I was this big! I was always this tall!
Standing as the perfect prefect, trying my best
Sooner or later, they'll find out school is just a test

I feel sorry for them, yet I crave their place
No pressure, go at a slow and steady pace
I feel unsupervised, I'm on freewheel
Soon I'll be earning pay just for a meal