Screaming behind drawn windowshades

Fearing the clock reach the end of the day

Fresh bruises upon both my arms

But he assured me, he meant me no harm

He think he's the good guy

Taking away my life

Beating me relentlessly for his own mistakes

Never knowing it's more than I can take

I'll stand by myself

My eyes filled with rage

Touch me one more time

You won't make it through the day

I am getting older now

But he still makes me fear his name

I just sit and cry

And wait to submit to his game

But when the day is said and done

I am not the only one

Beat me down just one more time

Push me past my breaking line

I'll stand alone

Unleashing my rage

You can't run away

I won't suffer one more day


I'll punish you for all the pain you've caused me


For all the tears you've forced upon me


For all the pain you've bred inside me


For all the violence raging in me

I'll stand up one more time

Even though it may be my last

Now it's time, you must pay

Welcome God, to your last day