When Tetris Attacks By: WritingGuy

Note: I do NOT own Tetris™, but I did create this idea all on my own! That being said, let's get on with the story!

Chapter One: They Cometh

            I'm writing this down so that, when this is all over, any survivors will hopefully understand or at least know what happened: how it began, and when it started. They're looking for me right now; I can hear them right outside where I'm hiding. I'm not sure how long I can last; I've already eaten most of my food I brought with me. Almost everyone is dead, and I just saw my principle from high school. She's dead, but still walking around. THEY control her now. I guess, by definition, she's a zombie. She's a being who cannot think, and is controlled by another being. I learned that word a long time ago in school. I don't think anyone's going to be going to school for a long time. Not until they leave, if they ever leave.

            I've been keeping a journal for the past week or so. God, has it only been a week? It seems like at least a month…I just finished checking over the journal. I added some stuff, but mostly just tried to figure out how this happened. First, I'm going to transfer my journal over into this book. After I've done that, I decided to write down everything I remember happening, kind of like a story. I just hope to God I survive long enough to finish typing it. My next-door neighbor just walked by. Normally I'd ay "Hi", but it's not him anymore. His head is separated from his body, and one of those hellish creatures have pushed themselves into his nervous system, in order to be able to control him.

            I'm hiding in a dumpster. I know they won't look in here. Now that the top is shut, save for the hole I cut in the back for light and air, I'm going to start writing…

OK, don't worry. I know I haven't finished any of my other stories, but this one I've already started on chapter 2. What do you think of it? I got my idea from Half-Life, a little bit. You know, how the aliens attach themselves onto the people faces and control them? The next chapter is going to explain what started to happen, and explain what the "creatures" are. Don't worry! You won't be confused for much longer, if you don't understand what they are. Please Review this, even if you just want to say you hate it. I'll keep revising this story, making it better and stuff.