Ok, loyal fans of Tetris Attacks, here is Chapter 3!

Chapter 3: One Will Fall

April 7, 2005

Wow, I can't believe it. I never would have thought that those science geeks would have actually succeeded. They actually created an intelligent hologram of a Tetron. The scientists also make a holographic model of a human, to show people what the Tetrons do to humans. ExactoGames is now paying them large sums of money to endorse Tetris Attacks with the holograms, and sell them as toys. The holograms can even pick up objects under 20 pounds, by utilizing microscopic molecules clustered around the hologram to give it a semi-solid structure. It's so strange just to think that in a month or two, I might see people playing catch with human holograms, or playing "Don't be Killed" in large groups with Tetrons flocking around looking for them.

On a more seemingly realistic note, the game I told you about a few months ago is coming along pretty nicely. ExactoGames released a demo that is complete with one mission for the Humans, one mission for the Tetrons, and 5 multiplayer maps that you can play online. The finished game will be better, because it will be a VR game with its own headset and stuff like that. The demo's pretty cool, but the graphics aren't the best and there are some glitches in the programming. Stuff like that.

Anyways, I got to go study for a math test I have tomorrow…I hate algebra!


Out in the open, I felt weak, and vulnerable. Maybe that's because right now, I was weak and vulnerable. I'm sure Scott felt the same way. He didn't say anything about it or show it, so neither did I. There was an alley straight behind the dumpster, so I motioned for Scott to follow me, and we ducked into it. Inside the alley, I began to look around for means of hiding, protection, weapons, or anything that we could use in any way. Finally, I spotted a baseball bat that had a nail in the end. It had probably been used by one the neighborhood gangs, but had been abandoned for some unknown or unapparent reason.

"Scott!" I turned to ask him what he was going to use, but he was gone! I dared to call his name a little louder than a whisper. "Scott!"

"Yeah?" Scott popped out from behind the corner. "What is it?"

"What're you going to use for your weapon?"

"My hunting knife. What're you using?"

"This." I held up my baseball bat for him to see."

"Nice…You very good at baseball?" Scott examined the bat.

"Pretty good. And anyways, I just have to hit them hard enough to knock 'em out. You can finish them off." I took a practice swing with the bat, just as a heard a loud crashing sound.

"What was that???" Scott's eyes opened wide, and his face went white. We both knew what it was.

"You ready?"

"As I'll ever be." Scott began to toss the knife back and forth between his hands. We began to creep back to the lot where the dumpster had been. Now, it was in two pieces, and junk was scattered everywhere. There was a zombie standing between us and the dumpster. It was missing its left hand, but three little red tendril-like things were growing out of the sleeve where the arm had been. It had huge claws coming out of both hand, and the L-Shaped mouth had fangs on its jaw that kept biting the air. It was truly horrifying to see it.

"On the count of three." I could feel my heart hammering against my ribcage, screaming to get out. It was beating so fast and hard that it wouldn't of surprised me the least if it had broken right out of my chest right there.


"One…" The zombie turned and saw us.

"Two…" It began to slowly walk towards me.

"THREE!!!" The zombie let out a roar as we lunged towards it. I whacked the side of his head as hard as I could. I even saw the nail protrude through the other side of its head for a second. I pulled the bat out as the monster fell to the ground, grabbing at its head. Taking advantage of the time, Scott began to stab the creature with his knife. After about two minutes, the zombie lay still. I let Scott continue stabbing it for about thirty seconds, and then informed him that it was dead.

"It didn't even die when you stabbed it through the head! How could anything survive that?" Scott began to clean off his knife on a sock as he stared disgusted at the dead zombie. Or what was left of it. There was a huge puddle of blood and the "head" had been severed off.

"The brain isn't in the head." I finally realized the answer after noticing where the final strike had been, the strike that had killed the beast. "The brain is created inside of the chest of the host's body."

Scott walked over and spat on the silent head. Suddenly the eyes opened, and the bleeding stopped.

"What the he-" Scott tried backing up, but the thing was too fast. It lodged itself back into its host's neck and got up. Screeching, the re-animated zombie began to stumble like a drunk and reached out towards Scott. Turning to run, Scott tripped over my baseball bat, which I had thrown to the ground a moment ago.

"Oh my GOD!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Scott began to scream as the monster stabbed him. Scot got up and began to limp away form it, until he fell and the thing got back to him. I knew I couldn't help him, but I had to try. I ran over and grabbed my baseball bat.

"HEY! LOOK OVER HERE!" I screamed wildly as I began to stab/hit the zombie. It was momentarily distracted, so Scott could limp away. Right into a pile of boxes. Normally this wouldn't be really bad, but there were six other zombies and six heads behind them.

Scott began to scream as the zombies tore at him. I knew now that it was hopeless. Maybe with just one zombie I could've gotten him away, but with the wounds he would've died later on from blood loss and infection. Now he was already dead, in a way. He was dead as soon as he hit those boxes. I gave the zombie I was fighting one last hit, then ran away. I never looked back.

OK, how was that for a small character? I almost wanted to keep him, but I realized I couldn't think of any way he could help the story later on. So BOOM, Scott's dead. Anyways, I'm going to start working on chapter 4 tomorrow, or maybe later on 2night. Au revoir!