Here Be Monsters.

Here be monsters.
Dwelling in the ravages of my mind
Infesting the labyrinth of my being
Like parasites they cling to thought.
Feeding from inklings and ideas
Tainting memories like poison.
Fraying my imagination.

Here be monsters.
Chafing from the inside
No way to scratch the itch
An endless cycle of misery and pity
A filthy bile that lies inside my head
Seeping toxic falsities like a cracked bowl
A terminal infestation of taunts and jibes
A perpetual chant of lies. A bacchanal of deceit.
That's as deafening and treacherous as the wind that blows
Ever lasting as the earth it's self.

Here be monsters.
Cannot sleep
Don't rest
They don't let me
Dreams of sugar and spice ebbed away
Replaced with dreams of dirt and death
A chilling echo that rattles inside
Like bones in a coffin.
Children sing sallow hymns
For the person who dwelled in the faceless shell.

Where I once was..Here be monsters.

By Chris