Marble Sea

Lunging into the quavering sea
Sloshing through its waves and lungs
Sharks wavering back and fourth
With their deadly vicious fangs
I only smile at the rampageous creature
He snaps his jaws and flutters away
Now I am floating gracefully
Waves violently crashing, never ending
Sea weed holding a grasp on my toes
Untangling from the mess
Wondering what the next obstacle is
Water oppressing my own body
I contemplate if this is just a dream
A dream of dancing in the marble sea
Of seashells ringing through my ears
Attention span like the fishes
Because I stare up into the brightness
The opening tunnel of the sea
My body swims with the fishes
Swinging around the coral and flowers
Drifting away into marble sea Elysium
My human figure disfigured, fading
Molded into this wave filled sanctuary
A mermaid free in the marble sea