~*Wrote this when the inspiration just hit me. I can't tell you why or how
this popped into my head, but I know that it is one of those rare times and
pieces of work that I finish in less than five minutes (I'm a fast typer.

I Cannot Know
How am I to know what the future holds?
I cannot.
How am I to know
What time will tell?
I cannot.
How am I to know
What tomorrow will bring?
I cannot.
What I cannot know
I do not pursue.
But what I can know
I will look.
For is it not within my meager intelligence
To know what my friends will do?
Or what school will give?

Will I know
What erratic path
The butterfly shall fly tomorrow?
I will not.
Will I know
How the cat shall meow?
I will not.
Will I know
Whether the day
Will be good or bad?
I will not.
But what I do know,
Is that my friends will
Be with me.

My friends,
A word of wisdom:
Do not try and look
For what you will
Not be able to find.
It will not help you.
But knowing the people
Who love you
Who will help you
Should be what you must cherish.