Similar to an ostrich
Contrasted with its prey,
Entwined the left hand
Come be what may.

Likened to an owl,
Same'd to a cat
Combine these with my intellect and what do you get?

This is my alchemist mind thinking up spells
For how to make the perfect beast.
Than mixing all those who connect?
The flying with the grounded,
The tall and the short.
It all comes down to this:
Something of the unique sort.

All to make the species great
Whatever it may be
I'll use whatever means I've received
So watch out, take heed.

Beware the posted signs
That pace the chain-link fence.
For if you happen to cross the line,
I'll harry thee to my dissecting pen.

'Geneticists' are what our names now be.
But deep within all folk's hearts
Screams: Devil! Witch! Or Fiend!
This warning has no purpose,
Other than to acknowledge
The fact that I'm an alchemist,
Who'll use whatever I've stored.

I'll not test on animals: scaly, furred, or feathered,
But that won't stop me from using you instead!

My work will be continued
If stopped from proceeding.
So don't think thou'st safe with the police around.
I'll use them too it is of no concern,
Just more test subjects helping me to learn!

Once I'm done with them, I'll take whoever's next.
Your fate will be decided, in the next few terms
I've got no more time to waste
Spitting out these verbs.

So get away or be killed by my butcher's knife
Yes I know what I've said,
Now be gone or forfeit your life!