It all happened two years ago. When I was eighth grade. When I was

fourteen years old. When I was in my first period class, just doing work.

Until the teacher had turned on the TV and let us watch an educational

show. But we didn't get to watch that show, because we had saw these

two towers pouring out smoke, on the News. We all were like, what?

What's going on? We all got the answer when something scrolled down

on the screen. When we saw what was going on, and whom done it, most

of us was feared, scared, and sad. We couldn't believe what just

happened. Why does terrorists' people have to be like that? Do they even

have a life? Or they just feel like destroying other counties towers? Do

they even know anything? They probably know how to hi-jack an

airplane and stuff, but to crash it into the Twin Towers, that's just

wrong. No one should be killed if they didn't do anything wrong. And

plus terrorists' just kill their own self also. Why do they even bother?

They should know they would kill their self too. Maybe it's just they're

jealous of our freedom and population. But that doesn't give them the

right to destroy our towers.

The firefighters tried to help some people out. Some lost lives, but they

did it for all those people who didn't even do anything wrong, and for the

world. If I were a firefighter, I would do the same. Try to help the people

out of the towers. If I lost my live, then I know I did it for a good cause.

Stand up in pray for this day. 'Cause if you do, then you know you're

going to say a prayer for September 11, 2001.

I was born. I was raised in the USA. No matter what they say; I'll be

living here anyway. No one could take my life away.

9/11, I would never forget.