Mark my words, Lucifer

You are the one

Their hopes are demolished

Forever has already begun

Salvation is abolished

And heaven burst into flame

The angels morph to fit the dark

In a twisted sort of game

One that silences the lark

That used to sing with feeling

But it didn't know it's song would sting

And force the hopeless to kneeling

A hell my Lucifer will bring

Sin is what we all have done

No matter what we say it's true

Satan, as we know, has won

There is nothing left for us to do

But to start worshipping the death

And take our torment with a smile

Enjoy the taste of worn out breath

The hunger that he will beguile

As the kingdom above is contorted

Rampaged and ruined and dead

This is not to what we resorted

We've given Lucifer our heads

Praying wont help you at all dear

Nor will a bright guiding light

Your savior the lord will not hear

The struggle as you put up a fight

So give into madness, there's no choice

Let the demons haunt your dreams

Starting from now, you've no voice

And the comfort is ripped from it's seams

A new kind of hell he's created

One where everyone is the same

One where the hope is abated

One where everything's a game