It was what was perceived as seven days later when the elevator could be heard making its decent back down to those quietly awaiting in Central Arc. Nobody bothered to raise their eyes towards the creaking shaft as the floor vibrated with its operation. They were all moist and cold, damp clothing clinging to filthy bodies, the air smelt of death and decay.

The food had ran out days ago, even what was rotted and past expiration was consumed, nothing left to the parasites which worked their way through fissures in the sky above to rain down on the people in endless showers of acidic water. At first they tried to run ,seeking cover from the deluge of poisonous insects, worms and bacteria that came with the filthy water, but there was only so far to run to when everyone is trapped inside the same space.

Shrunken dishearten and slowly wasting away, they sat minds inverted looking within themselves for an answer to their prayers. For eleven years now there had been no god, no allah no yahweh no vishnu. After the comet all had been forsaken. Everything precious and copious had been wiped from the face of the earth. The great and powerful human race reduced to heathen animals hiding in the earth waiting for the poisonous rains to stop waiting for the dust to clear and life to return to the surface.

Patricia held Carrie as Lydia made her way to the refuse pile, a small section of the bay which had been set aside for dead bodies and human waste .Lydia tried not to look at the faces as she picked her way around corpses or those who would be in seconds. A man in a white lab coat stared up at her unseeing eyes glazed with death. She remembered the applause they had given when he was dragged from beneath the rubble of Beta Section 15. The only survivor of the cave in, he had been a sign of hope to all others. He lived through premature burial only to me killed by a parasitic mosquito eating away at his flesh.

"How is she ?" Lydia asked Patricia when she returned to their little corner.

"Still burning up, there has to be a few more shots of Antibiotic left." Patricia looked towards the make shift clinic erected next to the elevator door.

"I hope so ."Lydia sighed scratching a patch of grayish skin forming on her left elbow. Once again she picked her way through mulling crowds of people, either sitting or laying in the muck of civilization.

Here the drone of the elevator was louder and not as easily annoyed, Carrie stirred in her sleep, grasped wildly then settle down against her mothers chest.

There were a few people standing around the clinic table all with swollen appendages , blood shot eyes and patches of gray skin or erupting pustules.

There was only two shots of antibiotic left. The nurse eyed the bottle trying to make out the words in the dim light provided from a dying flashlight.

"Is there any left ?" Lydia asked franticly. Eyeing the empty boxes and first aid kits that littered the ground. A large roach like critter scuttled away as she sat Carrie on the table.

"This is ..." the nurse's voice was cut off by a resounding boom as the ground heaved sending everyone crashing to the floor. The bottle of antiseptic flew from her hand and shattered against the table. Carrie woke up screaming, as a drizzle of putrid water gushed down on them.

The elevator had finally reached. The doors opened with a forced creek more of the thick slimy water gushed onto the already muddy floor as thirteen mutants filed out of the lighted abyss. Grizzly heads covered in hanging tentacles, arms draped in slimy cords large webbed feet squishing on the sloppy floor.