Drunk on psychedelic purple passion and orange juice with vodka
Surreal silhouettes surround me,
Dancing, screaming,
Clawing against white walls.
My head spins, and I collapse
Their wild music drugging my thoughts,
Delicious rhythms pumping into my blood.
I close my eyes, and they disappear
Replaced by angels, stained with blood.
Their beauty cuts open my skull, and I open my eyes.
And suddenly, I am in my room,
On my bed. I sit up, and my world twists around me,
Faster and faster it spins.
I spin with it, round and round.
Quicker and quicker, my arms held.
The silhouettes rise up and whirl above me.
They howl their terrible song,
I can feel it squeezing my heart,
But don't care.
I'm drunk on psychedelic purple passion,
And orange juice with vodka.
Everything is wonderful! Everything is perfect!
I begin to rise up, lifted by the shadowy silhouettes.
I rise up to the liquid black sky, with its dots of foam.
I fly, higher even then heaven.
Then, I'm falling,
Choking and gasping in the vacuum
Grabbing at the phantoms of my mind to save me.
The floor slams into my body,
And my brittle bones break,
The pain shoots through my body.
I stumble towards consciousness
To escape the fire racing in my veins.
Sleeping, I forget my drunken dreams,
And in the morning, when I wake,
I remember nothing.