Love is the Guardian of Hope

Love is the guardian of hope,
With her sword made out of the soul.
She slays the dark creatures of Hate,
And heals you and makes you whole.
Hate would sometimes come himself and draw his sword of the Demons,
And Love, his enemy, would be harshly insulted, taunted and mocked.
But Love ignored this so Hate charged in, swung his sword and attacked.
But Love was ready and with a clash and a clang all his blows were blocked.
Hate would come back, though he lost every single time.
Once he even decided to return with an entire fleet.
Love met them head on with her sword shining.
And then Hate had to reluctantly turn around and retreat.
One day, Hate grew stronger than he ever was before.
And with his sword of the Demons he advanced upon the fighter,
Love held him back valiantly as long as she possibly could.
But eventually the dark drove his sword right through the brighter.
Love gasped and her eyes grew as wide as a black hole.
She felt weak as her knees hit the hard, cold ground.
Hate sneered and walked away, chuckling as he went,
And Love was afraid that if she was lost, she would never be found
But then, as her world went black, she found an inner strength.
It called out to her from the darkness and gently took her hand.
It lifted her clear from the death that awaited her in the night,
She grasped her sword, and found her strength until she was able to stand.
Then she waited for Hate to come back to finish her off.
When he did come he smiled like a cat playing with its prey.
He charged in again still assuming that Love was still weak.
Love showed no emotion and she charged in a different way.
They clashed and they fought all through the day,
But the brighter prevailed over the darker one.
For good shall always conquer evil.
And Love knew the job was done.
Love sighed and stared at the mountainside,
Her enemy's blood a bothersome stain.
She smiled then that the deed was done.
And never needed to use her sword again.

By Jessie Kalish