You couldn't answer me when I asked you
Why things had to be this way.
And when I asked why you're leaving
You said you just couldn't stay.
What about the memories? What of all the years?
Can't believe that you're going
But I must keep my grief from showing
So I'll hold back the tears.

I should have realised something was wrong
When you let go of all the dreams
When everything we used to hold so strong
Seemed to crumble right in front of me.
Now you've confirmed all my fears.
Now I see you don't love me,
Can't let you see that I'm sorry
So I'll hold back the tears.

You never once showed me
That there was any love left in your heart.
Never returned the affection I gave you,
You were cold right from the start.
Now you're leaving everything seems so clear.
But it's still my heart you're stealing
Can't let you see how I'm feeling
So I'll hold back the tears.

The house seems cold and empty
Every day now that you're gone.
My heart feels like it's breaking.
Why must I remain so strong
When you're no longer here?
Why can't I make my feelings clear?
Why can't I let go of all the tears?