Two grey candles, standing tall and strong
Reaching for the sky, they are so very long

Two grey towers, so close, so near
Who would have thought they would become the symbol of fear

Two grey candles, a lit match flies
To get to the wick you know it must rise

Two grey towers, into two planes fly
This can't be an accident, coincidence, then why?

Two grey candles, the wicks are bright
No one can miss them; they look a sight

Two grey towers, the tops are on fire
Can this be due to two careless fliers?

Two grey candles, the wax begins to drip
Something has gone wrong; the candles start to slip

Two grey towers, bits start to drop down
God knows what happening inside, it's all making such a sound

Two grey candles, blown out and gone
Smoke billows up covering the sun

Two grey towers are now not here
Are we now to live our lives in fear?

N.B - I'm really sorry if I have hurt or upset anyone who reads this poem.
It was never my intention.