The Last Dragon

Its nostrils flare slightly as it lifts its head,
This once mighty beast of fear and dread
Its golden eyes grow ever dimmer in the moonlit sky
Its wings flap in a last attempt to fly, but
The torn and ragged hide flaps useless in the wind.
The moonlight glints in the pool of silver blood
As a single tear rolls down its cheek.
This noble beast is dying underneath a cold and starry sky
It reminisces the days when people fled at its sight
And animals cowered before its might
But now this mighty beast is dying and it knows it.
It sighs one last final sigh as its life force ebbs away
It died that night all alone
That once mighty beast of fear and dread
The earth groaned as the last of the dragons
Died that night all alone
In a pool of silver blood and tears on its face
It died.