I am the vampire Aurora . I have lived for over 200 years. You see I am an immortal un-like yourself. I have roamed the earth I have seen creatures you could only imagine in a nightmare that could make your mortal skin crawl. I am but a shadow of the ever-living evil and i am a creature of the everlasting night and so my tale begins...

Paris 1800 .A.D

The sun had just set leaving the sky a red hue as its final rays glistened along the water front.

"Aurora hurry up and get ready the coach will be here in a wee bit!" Aurora's maid ran in to the room quickly adding last touches to Aurora's make up and gown.

"oh must I go Claire i mean for crying out loud it is the same thing every week boring dances guys with the intelligence of a horses behind and dirty old men" ,I whined . As Claire combed my dark brown hair and twisted it in a bun .I hated those things as though they were pure evil. I could have sworn they were nothing more than a poor excuse to lure girls like me into an evening of boredom.

"yes Mon Chere I believe Monsieur Aidan will be attending tonight oh Chere the girls and I think he has eyes for you" Claire giggled as she tightened and tied Aurora's red corset and gave her a matching shall which I slid over my pale white skin..

"Oh Claire why would Monsieur Aidan want me lord knows there are plenty of other gullible women with fortunes and are much prettier then I" Claire only smiled and winked at me then sent me on my way. I thought the horse ride alone was hell enough for me all those bumps I think I might have tossed my lunch before I even got there. Finally the carriage pulled to a halt I would have kissed the ground had they let me! A coachman escorted me to the door and there I saw him. He was absolutely perfect and angel fallen from heaven. He had an evil appearance but i didn't care he looked so magnificent and so seductively sweet it hurt to look at him. His beauty shined like the light of the moon.

"My lady I have been looking forward to meeting you tonight. I hear things about you and your beauty I see the town folk were not lying when they said that your beauty Mon Chere was that of which the stars could never compare", He kissed my hand and my heart skipped a beat I had just met him yet I found him irresistible .His raven black hair his unusual violet eyes. A strange color but so very beautiful they were hypnotizing .I felt the heat creep up into my cheeks. He escorted me into the ball room which met the eyes with a site to see white lace drapes and silk napkins. The owners had out done themselves this time. The candelabrum's burned with intensity and light of them gave of a soft and warm glow that made the room seem almost ethereal and any moment and angel would grace us with her presence,. Then I was brought back to reality by Armand's voice in my ear he whispered "my dear Lady I would Be so very honored if you shared a dance with me" his voice was smooth but it hid a ferocity that sent chills up my spine I could feel my stomach do flips my heart began to race as though it would explode any minute Now "of course Monsieur Aidan" I played along as confident as I could. He brought me out on to the floor He leaned into my neck "Only Aidan" he corrected me sweetly; his grace and agility were to be commended it was as though my feet never touched the ground. He was truly amazing. We danced and drank the night away and any doubts I had of him vanished with every passing moment. He treated me will such diligence and attention that is was as though I was the only one in attendance that mattered. We took our seats after the last dance but the night was still young.

"Mon Cherie may I interest you in a walk with me to through the town the lights are beautiful at this time of night" he had asked as he gestured to the veranda that showed off a view of the gas lamps burning softly in the distance a beautiful Irradiant glow "Yes Monsieur I would like that very much", He looked at me with those eyes as He slid on my cloak over my shoulders " I mean.. Aidan" he smirked and then adjusted into his top coat, a long cane at his side for show and a top hat in his hand. We walked along the streets taking in the lights and the shadows they cast along the cobblestone streets. I shivered a little as a cold air swept across my back. He pulled me to him trying to warm my body with his own. How strange I thought, for as he held me near I felt no warmth come from him perhaps his skin was cold like mine, but I said nothing and enjoyed every moment with him. We were out till the early morning hours till just before sunrise. He walked me to my door and kissed my lips his lips were cold but sweet. I didn't seem to mind even if every fiber of my being was burning up his lips remained cool then he laved butterfly kisses along my eyelids my nose and my lips again they trailed down and touched my neck. I only knew him for a night but it felt like I knew him for an eternity. What happened next I did not expect in the least I felt a sharp pain as his sharp teeth ripped into the soft flesh of my neck. I felt the blood pour from the wound and its sticky heat oozing down my chest and back right from my body and I was powerless to stop it. Just as I felt the darkness pull at me forcing my eyes to try and close and to barely hang on my fingertips loosened their hold of his cloak he stopped laying me flat, shushing me as though this was all a bad dream. I was so weak I couldn't move I was slipping in and consciousness, I thought I saw him cut his wrist. Then I heard him whisper

"Drink my love let me make you mine, forever", I felt a warm liquid touch my cold lips and sizzle on my tongues as the it slid down my throat metallic and hot it warmed my frigid chest like nothing I have ever known before so suddenly sweet so warm it was a pleasure in itself . I don't know what came over me I clamped down on his wrist the source of this magnificent liquid that feed my hunger my thirst; my everything. My sight went white I was encased in its splendor and warmth in a mere second the light had faded out of reach and I saw only darkness now as I woke up in a box of some sort I pushed off the Lid and slid down to the floor as my body was tensed and writhing in pain I fell to the floor gripping my stomach I thought my insides were falling out of me one after another it was so unbearable. I could hear my own screams echoing in the dark halls of this place wherever I was. Then I heard him

"Hush Now, My darling" he smoothed my blood soaked hair back from my face " this is only a temporary death that will pass in an hour or so" It was the longest hour any human could hope to never bare once the pains had stopped I lay there on the cool dirt of the earth gasping for a no longer necessary breath for I had died in that hour and was reborn something un-natural but my actions were still very mortal and meek. my clothes were soiled with my mortal blood and body fluids I was mortified. He picked me up once more and brought my up a set of long winding stone steps and lay me in a bathing tub stripping away my clothes and baring my body for him to see drinking in the now pale flesh and illuminescent hair he ran a long smooth hand down my side caressing my ribs and flesh " stunning" he breathed bathing me since I could not move just yet. Wrapping me in a long white cloth he brought me to his chambers and me down changing me into a long white night shift once changed I lay there running it all through my head to figure out t what the hell happened to me. Then I noticed changes in my body. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and my senses became ten times as powerful. My nails grew longer and almost clear but strong like crystal and just as sharp my hair looked glossy in the dark and my body took a perfect shape. Then I felt them I had razor sharp fangs my two teeth became long and dangerous..

"What have you done to me?" I whispered. He only smirked and told me

"Think of it as an investment, You are mine now to have and do what I please with by granting you immortality" I could feel the sting of the tears down my cheeks as he continued " and in return I am your father, creator and Lover, you will never take another in my stead and you will learn to love me, and if you do try to take another I will simply tear out his heart and feed it back to them" he leaned down kissing my forehead, I will teach you all I know and your will be My finest creation and first wife, the only things that can hurt you are fire and sunlight nothing more nothing less, in time I will teach you all I have to know and teach you how to survive among the mortals." He came towards me and brushed his fingers through my hair and kissed me lightly on the lips "I would not try to run away my pet without me you will die and never learn all you need to know." I couldn't believe what I had heard I was His prisoner for all eternity. He was the only one I knew who could tell me what's going on with me I was to be his demon mistress for all of my nights. Little Did I know that the world of the Vampires was Vast and that In the years to come My sire would learn that he was not as powerful as he thought himself to be….